Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recent Thoughts & Happenings

Since I havent written a lot in awhile, I am going to try to sum up whats been going on in one blog. Hard to remember everything, but Ill try!!

~We recently went to a cookout at Erika's house. A lot of my good friends were there. All the kids got to play together outside and they had a BLAST. It was right after my surgery so originally I thought id feel too bad to go but I did ok. Dummy me forgot the kids bathing suits and you know how kids are attracted to water, so they jumped in the pools and sprinklers anyway! We actually left with them wearing some of Arnold's tshirts we had in the back of the van!! They looked silly, but it worked!!

~Joanne and Jess came over to visit a few times lately. I love getting to see the babies! Ben and Hunter are really growing quickly! I love to get to snuggle the babies (but then as Arnold puts it-- they get to go back home ;) Joanne brought me brownies one day, and Jess brought me lunch one day. They know Ive been having a hard time, and they made me feel a whole lot better. Thankful that I have such wonderful, caring friends!! :)

~My incisions are healing up nicely after the surgery, havent really had any problems. a TEENY bit of soreness here and there still, but feeling a lot better. My bellybutton DOES look and feel strange though.. wonder if it will stay that way?!

~One day when Arnold was off work we had a family day, and took the kids to Hickory Dickory Dock, and then to the mall for icecream. We ALL had fun at HDD, even me. I love playing all the games too, takes me back to being a kid ;) We played the spinning casino game thing, and I actually HIT THE JACKPOT. We won 250 tickets. I was shocked, i never win anything. The kids were flipping out. We ended up with hundreds and hundreds of tickets, and they only left with a few plastic toys, so... not worth it at all.. they know what they are doing there!!! ;)

~Arnold knew I had been wanting an MP3 player lately, especially since ive started doing a lot of walking. The other night when I was asleep, he surprised me and ordered me one off Ebay! Its a simple one, and used.. but I dont care.. im just excited to have one. I used to, but it got broken. My husband is so sweet.. I love his little surprises here and there :) :)

~Yesterday I was doing some cleaning and heard a crash in Calebs room. Guess where I found Brooke?? On top of his dresser. And she had pulled down one of his wall shelves, and his monkey bank was busted in a million pieces all over his floor, along with a broken picture frame, and broken jungle animals. So not only did I have to clean up that huge mess, but I was so sad, because most of those things I had bought for his room when I was pregnant with him, and now they are destroyed!! I was beyond mad at Brooke... she got in big trouble. I dont know whats gotten into her lately, its like she LOOKS for trouble! I will be ready for summer to be over!!!

~Arnold and I have signed up for a trial to Netflix. Not sure if we're going to like it or not, but we sat in bed last night watching shows on our computer. We dont have a tv in our room, so thats the next best thing I guess ;) We discovered a show called "Accidentally on Purpose." I think it got cancelled after only 1 season.. but I got hooked on it and watched 6 episodes last night! I think its really funny.. Im looking forward to seeing what else happens in the season.

Heres a few recent pics from these past few weeks..

The Girls at Erika's cookout

Baby Hunter when he came to visit! He let me hold him and feed him too! He has grown so much and is still such a precious boy!! :) :)

Joanne came over another day and Brooke got to hold Ben. She loves babies :) :)

Caleb played with Logan.. he loves having friends around to play superheros and cars and stuff. He usually is around girls all the time...

Brooke waiting on all our tickets to come out when we won the jackpot!!

Having icecream at the mall. Finally tried out that place outside the playarea. Pretty good!

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  1. I discovered Accidentally on Purpose through netflix too...it is a funny show!