Monday, July 18, 2011


Sunday morning I slept in a little bit, and Arnold got the kids ready for church (thanks honey!!) He had also given them baths before, I was not expecting that!! We went to church and Alex came to visit again this week, so that was a nice surprise. We filled up a whole row again with everyone sitting together, love that so many of my friends go to the same church as me! I know thats not the most important thing of course, but its nice to be able to see them so much! :) Our normal pastor wasnt there because they had a loss in their family (Please pray for them if you would!!) But the other pastor was there, and we like him a lot too. They talked about Life Groups this week.. which is something our church does where there are different groups put together in different areas around here, of anywhere from 4-12 people or so normally. And they meet every week. You may have a meal, do a Bible Study, have a share group, go out and volunteer, or lots of other things. Its basically just a group of people that share similar values and morals and its to connect them so they know they always have someone to lean on and be there for them. I really really love the idea. Arnold and I signed up to join one this past weekend, so Im hoping we will get a call soon!! :)

After church we went home and had lunch here at the house.. wanted to go eat with friends but are trying to save some money this week!! Then we took the kids to another ballgame that my cousin was in. The whole family was out there again.. and it was great to see everyone.. its part of my mom's family that we dont get to see very much because they live several hours away. It had been awhile since I had been to a ballgame, and it was fun.. (and it was actually Rachels FIRST time at a ballgame) She seemed to like running around more and finding stuff to get into ;) There were other little kids there too, so they all played together. Let me tell you, it was HOTTT out there.. I knew it would be, but it was no time at all before I was sweating. I should have worn my hair up. And i definately should have brought some water! Thankfully our family had stuff in coolers there for the kids. They were actually going to play two games, and we only were able to make it through one before wed had enough and had to go because it was just too hot. They WON the first game (I later found out from Mom they lost the 2nd game-- bummer)

Last night we took the kids to VBS at a friends' church. We had actually taken them last year, and the program was so great and the kids loved it so much that we promised we'd take them back this year. The theme is "Big Apple" this year. We went in and signed them up and got their nametags and all that, and then got us all some dinner. Then the kids went to their classes. Last year Rachel was barely one year old and cried when we first left her.. this year she went straight into the room, ran over to her "new friends" and didnt even say bye or look back!!! Wow.. a lot has changed in the past year! She really is sociable though.. she makes "friends" really easily and had a blast playing with all the little kids there :) While the kids were there from 6:30-8:30 Arnold and I went out by ourselves for awhile. Arnold said "WOW. I can hear BIRDS again!!" Funny, but so true. You dont realize how loud and crazy the kids make thing until you are alone for awhile! Whats funny is, we couldnt even really figure out what to do with ourselves. We ended up stopping by Mom and Dads for a little bit. And then went to Big Lots and Arnold found one of those laptop fans that you keep under the laptop when youre on it, so it doesnt overheat. He has been wanting one FOREVER.. so im glad we found one. One of our laptops actually died from overheating before!! So its not good. Anyway, lastly we stopped by Sonic and Arnold got a cherry slush (he let me eat the cherry on top.. yummm!) And I got a sweet tea. Had to get something.. I love Sonic ice, it is the best ;) The kids had a great time, they were excited to see us when we picked them up. Rachel sat like a big girl and ate her snack and drank her juice when they came back into the gym. They are really looking forward to going back again tonight!!

Rachel's first pigtail! It was so cute! It only lasted for a few minutes though, she had already pulled it out when we got in the van!! :(

The kids at the baseball game

Rachel decided Monkey needed to be there and watch the game too ;) That monkey goes EVERYWHERE and sees EVERYTHING. Reminds me of a little bear named PJ that I had as a kid ;) Actually I still have it to this day!! :)

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