Monday, July 11, 2011

Local Cruise-In

Saturday night we went to the "Cruise-in" night in our town. It has always been a big thing, and I Cant believe Ive lived her for over 5 years now and never gone!! We decided to take the kids Sat. night because we didnt really have any other plans and they are always restless it seems. There was mostly older people, but there WERE some kids and teens.. just a mixture of everyone! We were actually able to park at Brookes school and walk right over.. its a small town for sure ;)

We first got some food. A local church was selling hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken sandwiches. One of the ladies there was actually a teacher at Brookes school, and she called her out by name. I love that the teachers at her school seem to nice and caring.. thats not the first time one of them has recognized Brooke out somewhere.. and it wasnt even HER teacher!! Anyway, we sat down and ate.. and after that we got the kids some homeade icecream. You could choose between peach, strawberry or Orange-Pineapple. I got the orange-pineapple, and it was really good!!

There was a band playing there also. they were called the "Buchanan Boys" (not sure if thats spelled right!) They are all from NC, and actually one of them was from right here in our county!! They were really good.. played mostly country, which i love. The kids LOVE hearing live music, and they danced around everywhere. You can tell they get their dancing skills from Arnold and I.. pretty embarassing actually, but everyone there seemed to get a kick out of it ;) You could tell Arnold really wished HE was up there playing!! His band hasnt played in awhile.. they all decided to take a break because a lot was going on in everyones lives at the time. They may start back up sometime soon though, who knows!!

When the kids started to get a little restless we took them around and let them look at all the old-timey cars. They really liked that, but we had to watch Caleb because he wanted to touch them (and you know the owners dont like that!!) I really like looking at the old cars too, believe it or not! I wish we could have hung around even longer, but the kids were getting tired and we were getting stressed, so we ended up going home a little after 7pm. The next time we go out there Arnold and I will probably go alone, as a date, so we can hang out and enjoy the band and the time together. Although Im glad the kids experience it at least once!

Rachel dancing with Daddy.. she had a BLAST!!! :)

The kids took a break from dancing to pose.. they are too silly :)

Brooke and I took this pic while Arnold had taken the other 2 kids to wash them down. They had made a MESS with that icecream!!! Brooke has it all over her mouth :)

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