Sunday, July 3, 2011

My 26th Birthday Weekend

Well well well, it has taken me forever to write new blogs.. I have had a very rough week, but I will write more about that later.

Friday the 1st I turned 26, so Happy Birthday to me!!! :) :)

Thursday evening I went to Ocharleys with several of my friends, for a birthday dinner. I have started this tradition because theres nothing like having a night out with the girls to celebrate and have fun!! I know some of you werent able to make it, and I really missed you, but its ok!!!! The ones that were able to make it were Jessica, Amanda, Tina, Sarah R, Tonya, Sarah B, Cori, Hayley, Natalie, and Jess. We ate dinner and then had a cake I had brought... meant to order one that had a GLEE theme (haha, im such a nerd) But I ran out of time, so just went by Walmart. Luckily they had one I liked, but with whipped icing, which I dont care that much for. But it was still good! Everyone was so sweet, and I received some of the best cards, and a few giftcards, and 2 new books to read, and some jewelry, and candles and stuff. Thank you guys for thinking of me!! :)

Friday morning I had 2 appts to go to.. one at the Pregnancy Care Center (about volunteering! Just so you dont get any ideas lol!) but ill write more about that later. And then I went to my surgical Dr for my 1-week post-op appt. The nurse took out my staples, which wasnt that bad at all.. the ones in the bellybutton stung and bled a little bit since they were way in there though. The dr said everything looked great, and I was free to do normal activties again, so yay for that :) While I was out the kids and arnold went out and looked for my birthday present. Arnold usually does everything early and cant keep surprises for me.. but.. this year he was late ;) Arnold ended up getting me a wireless printer.. I have been wanting one for a long time, because I always seem like I need to print out directions, coupons, letters, or something.. but I never have an easy way to. So I know its one of those "practical" gifts, but I really do like it! And the kids got me a pretty new necklace. Its green.. my favorite. As a matter of fact, Brooke picked it out herself. She says "green is her favorite color too" now, but Im sure thats just a phase ;)

That evening Arnolds parents watched the kids so we could go out on a date. Best birthday present ever in my opinion ;) Arnolds parents got me a Chilis Giftcard and some other little things for my birthday, too. Arnold and I went walking around and shopping for awhile, it was nice just to get out. I had a GC to target, so we went in there and I bought that new Glee DVD with lots of the performances on it, and Season 2 of the Office, a picture frame to put a pic of me and my friends in that I recently took, and a new set of bedsheets (lavender, so pretty!) So yeah I went over my GC balance needless to say but I sort of got wrapped up in the shopping ;) I just love Target, as most of you know ;) When we got home I took a nice long bath (which I hardly ever do, but it was relaxing.. and I used some of my new candles!!) and then stayed online until nearly 1AM with Arnold watching silly youtube videos.. certainly brightened my mood alot ;)

Saturday morning, Arnold, the kids and I went yardsaling. We got a late start, so didnt find that many but we found one with a lot of girl toys and Brooke found a huge case of polly pocket people, outfits, accessories, and a bus, so she had to get that. It was a really good deal.. now to deal with keeping all the pieces together and not get them lost or sucked up in the vaccuum, that is another situation all-together!! At least polly pockets arent as tiny as they were when i was a kid.. but those rubbery clothes are hard as heck to get on!!! But anyway, we found one more decent yardsale, and they had the motherload of little girls clothes! I almost didnt stop because I thought they were just baby clothes, but I found bigger clothes as well.. and nice namebrands like Gap, Gymboree and I bought several things for Rachel for this fall.

Saturday afternoon we worked around the house some, cleaning and throwing out a bunch of things. We have started doing this the past few months, and it really feels good. Arnold and I both tend to hang on to stuff for way too long, and some of
that stuff just had to go!! Around 2:30 we went next door to Uncle Genes house and went swimming with Arnold's family. We put sunscreen on everyone, but everyone still ended up coming home with a lot of sun and redness on them.. little Rachel has bathing suit strap lines.. I felt soo bad!! That evening we went to Mom & Dad's house for another birthday dinner. Mom cooks me her famous homeade lasanga (which is fabulous by the way!) every year. Her gift to me was a necklace, bracelet and ring set that her friend had made (she makes homeade jewelry) and its gorgeous, looks like the Pandora stuff. She got me red-white-and blue set, because I love patriotic stuff! I love it.. I have a few more things her friend has made, and always get compliments on it.

This morning we got ready and went to church. Our pastor is on a mission trip with several others in Ghana, Africa. They are helping out there and doing some preaching to the people. So please pray for them as they are there!! We really missed him at church this morning (theres just something about him!!) But the other pastor is really great as well and I enjoyed his message, too. After church we met the inlaws at Dos Amigos for lunch. Arnolds dad hates mexican food but knows how much I like it, so he makes it a point to take me there every year for my birthday. is that sweet of what?! They were going to do the whole birthday thing where they bring out the sombrero and make me wear it and sing to me and stuff, but it embarassed me so bad last year, so we passed that up this year. But they still brought me the dessert, which the kids ate up pretty quickly ;)

So all in all Id say I had a pretty great Birthday weekend. I am blessed to have so many people who care about me and love me. And of course I am blessed to be here another year!!! :) :)

Me with my Cake at Ocharleys.. it was Red, White and Blue!!

With my awesome green balloons Natalie got me. She knew they were my fave color!! :)

I forgot to get a group shot before everyone left :( But heres Natalie, Me, Sarah and Tina :)

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