Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Fun with Family & Friends!

Sunday morning we all got ready for church. It was an especially great Sunday because my brother, Alex, was in town and said he wanted to come visit our church. So we met him up there. The kids were soo excited to see their Uncle Alex.. even Rachel wasnt THAT mean to him (she usually gives him the evil eye and runs away ;) We dropped the kids off in their classes and met up with everyone else. My friend Amy already goes there, and recently my friends Crystin and Erika have started coming too! They usually sit up front, but I am used to sitting at the back. I decided I wanted to sit with all them though, so I moved up front! I actually liked it alot! Between us and our husbands we took up a whole row!! :) Jesse was back from Ghana, and told us all about the trip. Sounds like it was amazing, and they got a lot accomplished there.. God is so good!! :) :)

After church we all decided to go to lunch together, and we went to Dos Amigos for some Mexican! I think the people there were a little nervous when they saw us all come in with all those kids!!! But all the kids seemed to do pretty good, they were pretty behaved for the most part. Except for the times when Rachel threw stuff. thanks to the nice guy who brought her cup back to our table ;) And who happens to walk in right after we did?? Jesse and his family.. haha..they were following us ;) Anyway, I got chicken fajitas, one of my favorites, yummy! It was nice to chat with everyone and of course to spend time with Alex. He is moving at the end of the month, and then he will be several hrs away :( I dont like that too much!! But he did enjoy our church and said he would visit more when he is able to come home and visit!!

I came home from church and took a nap (after looking through the Sunday paper of course.. for all my coupons ;) I wasnt feeling too well.. I guess its sinuses/allergies because Ive been having a headache and just not feeling like myself for the past few days. The kids went swimming next door with their Grandparents. Days like that make me even more thankful that our parents live so close-by!!! ;)

Last night we had dinner here at home. Thank goodness for that, because we have been eating out alot lately and we all know how quickly that can suck up money :-/ Then we worked more on packing up stuff around the house for our yardsale this coming saturday. Hopefully we can get rid of junk AND make some money.. wouldnt that be nice?! Anyway.. Caleb had an accident last night.. he reared back and hit the back of his head on the side of the bookcase. If you remember another blog from awhile back, this is the SECOND time he has done this!! Thank goodness Arnold was home, because his head started gushing blood :( I hate blood, makes my stomach feel so queasy!! Thank goodness the cut was small, like last time, and after some medicine and bandaging his head up, he was good to go.

When we finally got the kids to bed (much later than usual--they have really been pushing it lately!!) Arnold and I hung out. We have been reading "The Purpose Driven Life." I REALLY like it so far. It suggests you only do one chapter a night, and try to process it, and you will be finished in 40 days. So thats how we've been doing it. And I got it at a yardsale for $1, cant beat that! Arnold got on the laptop and downloaded music onto his new Ipod.. I am next to download songs on mine.. gonna have to find me some god "party jams" as Brooke calls them ;) It was a great day.. and I HATED to see the weekend end!!!

Lunch at Dos Amigos. With Alex. Didnt know Arnold was giving me bunny ears. And the plant looks like its coming out of my head too.. lovely! ;)

The kids. Didnt know Caleb had a knife! Yikes! thank goodness it was a butter knife and not sharper. I should pay more attention. BAD mommy!!!! ;)

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