Monday, July 18, 2011


Saturday morning we got to sleep in a LITTLE later than usual. We still had Rachel of course, but it was still SO much quieter and calmer around the house! We usually go our yardsaling on Saturday mornings if we dont have any other plans. It looked pretty cloudy and rainy outside, so I didnt even know if theyd still have any.. but we went out anyway. We drove around, and there were a few, but nothing really good at all. Most people had already taken there stuff in I think. So we decided to go get some breakfast.. nothing better than a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit from Hardees! I normally HATE Hardees, but there breakfast is GOOD.. ill give them that! Arnold gave Rachel his orange juice and she slurped that down.. she is used to her juice being watered down, so she got a sugar rush!

We went by a local consignment store, called Jitterbugs. I was looking for Rachel some new shoes. I swear her feet JUST grew, because I tried to put them in her shoes that morning and it was really tough, barely got them in there. I am guessing she has moved up to a size 7 now! So we were able to find her a new pair, white with sparkly buttons and flowers, they are really cute and she loves them! While we were there Arnold found this "awesome" (thats what HE says, I still dont get the appeal of most boy toys!) batman mobile. He said we just had to get it for Caleb. So we did, and we are going to save it for his bday next month. He will flip over that! It is so fun finding stuff that you know your kids will love and be excited about. I love being a mom!! :)

Then we went to GOODWILL. Two different Goodwills actually. Some of my friends are always talking about going to thrift stores and finding awesome deals... so I decided to try it. It is a lot of work, because you have to really look through the stuff, its not that greatly organized or in order, and its hit and miss. You might find something from 20 years ago that is purely junk, or something that someone donated that is brand new and really nice. So i looked through the stuff for awhile and found Brooke 3 fall tops.. one was Gap and was SO cute! I was excited just from that. But i decided to look in the womens stuff too. They didnt have too much in my size, but I found a pair of capris and a pair of jeans (nice, they were designer!) and they didnt have any wear to them and they were $4.50 each!! Came home, washed those bad boys in hot water and so far have tried on one pair, and they fit great!!! I am thrilled for my finds this weekend, might have to start thinking outside the box more often!!! ;) :)

My mom called us around 11 and said that Caleb had kept having accidents all day and kept messing up all his underwear. I had sent him like 5 pairs and he was already on his last pair! She said if he messed up that last pair she was bringing him home. I was bummed because I was having a good time being out with Arnold and Rachel! So thankfully we did well and they ended up getting to go to the ballgame after all. After awhile we went to the grocery store, then went home and made some lunch. Arnold took the van in for an oil change and I put Rachel down for a nap. It was our last oil change covered under our warrenty plan, so we will have to pay for them from now on.. bummer :( We are so close to hitting 100,000 miles in that thing!! Where does the time go? Anyway, the big kids came home around 3pm. Then things got crazy and stressful again. But I guess they had to come home sometime ;) And yeah, I had missed them!! :) :)

Can you believe I dont have any pictures from Saturday?! I cant either! I told you I am losing it!

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