Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nights 2&3 of VBS

The kids have been having such a good time at VBS this week! They have some awesome teachers. Brooke and Caleb's teacher is actually a lady who was the nursery worker last year and got to know Rachel so well. (and Joanne is a worker in there too!) And Rachel's teacher is a girl I went to highschool with. They are both great!

Monday night while the kids were out we went driving around again trying to figure out what to do. I wasnt feeling too great that night, so it was hard to get excited about anything, really. We went by Kmart and looked around for awhile. Browsed through the camping tents.. we really want to get one one of these days! I have a dream where we can set it up in the backyard and let the kids sleep outside (with us there too of course!) I think it would be a lot of fun. But we're still right there at the house, with the food, and bathrooms, and beds, if it gets to be too much! Anyway, then we went to Once Upon a Child. They have gotten a crap-load of fall/winter clothes in lately, and sometimes they dont have a good selection, but that night they did! Looks like nothing has really been picked over yet and they had some CUTE and NICE stuff. I would have bought a lot more things for Brooke for school if I had the money that night. I did pick up 3 things though, a Gymboree sweater and a really cute dress for Brooke (I could see it having "First day of school potential" maybe with some knee socks!!!) And a cute top with apples for Rachel (one of her favorite words these days ;) Ill admit, the little bit of shopping I did DID perk me up a little bit. Arnold swears it always will ;)

Last night while the kids went to VBS we drove to Jessica's house and went to visit her and baby Hunter!!! By the time we drove down there and had to drive back we knew we'd only have about an hour to visit, but Im glad we did, because I miss seeing Jess as much! Hunter was hanging out in his swing, watching the fan when we got there and looked SO calm (wish I was that calm, and had no worries!!) Then Jess gave him to me to hold and he passed right out and slept in my arms for awhile ;) He then woke up and just stared at me for awhile and so I talked to him.. He was SO sweet and snuggly.. I could have held him all night. I SO miss that stage!!! It doesnt last long at all :( But anyway...

On the way back to VBS last night to pick up the kids, Arnold was looking really tired and scaring me a little bit, and I asked him what was up and he said that he felt like he was going to fall asleep! Not what you want to hear when your husband is behind the wheel! Turns out he had taken sinus meds before we left the house that night, and it wasnt the "non-drowsy" stuff.. so.. needless to say I ended up driving home. We have been getting home and getting the kids to bed much later than usual these past few nights, but its worth it. They are having fun and learning a lot.. I have even heard them singing some of the songs they have learned this week! Warms my heart to hear my 4-yr old sing about Jesus!! : ) :)

The sweater I bought Brooke. It is SO cute. Its long, and at first I thought it was a dress, but I looked it up and it said "cardigan." The buttons are hearts! It will be so cute on her this fall!

The kids cheesing before bed the other night!

Me and my girl.. with her big gap in her mouth!

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