Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy


The night before my surgery, my mom and dad had the kids overnight, so Arnold and I took that opportunity to go out on a date! We went to dinner first, and I had some grilled shrimp, baked potato and hushpuppies.. soo yummy. Then we went walking around a few stores.. bought the kids a few new books at Ollie's (because you know I can NEVER have enough books!!) and also walked around Ross, Barnes & Noble, and Target. We were deciding rather or not to go to the movies and see "Bridesmaids" but it was getting late and I still had to go home to take a shower with my special "Sterile soap" so we went on home.

The next morning we got up at 5:00 am. I can never sleep well when Im nervous. I ended up laying down around 11ish and slept off and on, so at least I got something. I wasnt allowed to wear any makeup or body spray or jewelry or nothing (which I understand why) But i felt all icky and ugly going to the hospital like that.. but oh well! We got there around 6 am and waited in the waiting room until they called us back to a room. Then i had a nurse and anesthestiologist come back and talk to me, tell me what would be going on, and put in my IV. The lady said I had an awesome vein in my left wrist, and she stuck that one, but when she did I got this shooting pain through my thumb, and ever since then when I rub something against my arm at that place, my thumb tingles really bad. Im wondering if it hit a nerve? I dont know but that better not be permanent!! Anyway, my good friend Katie that I used to go to church with came by and visited me while I was waiting, and that was a nice surprise.. it helped calm my nerves some. Anyway, at that point my IV was going with antibiotics, fluids, and medicine to reduce inflamation or something like that, and we were just waiting on the dr to come back and talk to me.

Around 7:30 they took me back to the operating room. At that point my morning anxiety pill had taken effect and I was feeling pretty mellow, but when I got into that room with the bright lights, and they moved me to that big table, it all came rushing back to me, and I felt so nervous. They stared my IV with the "good meds" though, and within SECONDS (i couldnt get over how fast) I was feeling loopy, tired, and then I was out. The next thing I knew I was sitting up and they were asking me how I was. I went in and out of consiousness for awhile. They checked all my vital signs and stats, and let me have some ginger ale to drink. The dr had gone out to the waiting room earlier and told Arnold that the surgery had gone great, and that I was due to come back in a week for my post-appt. I actually go on my birthday.. woo.. what a great present, haha ;)

I was able to go home a LOT earlier than I had expected. We were out of there by 10AM. They had given me the opportunity to stay there and rest, or to go home and sleep in my own bed, so Arnold just took me home. I was still pretty drugged, so it didnt hurt to bad to walk, but i WAS sore. I went home and climbed into bed and laid there for awhile.. I rested but couldnt really sleep. I seem to have bad insomnia when I am anxious, or on lots of meds, so I know that was part of it. I spent the whole day resting, off and on. Arnold went out and got my medicine they prescribed me for pain, and I only ended up taking one of them, so I was recovering a lot quicker than I had imagined I would!

That night my mom brought the kids back home to us. Brooke came in and asked me if I had had another baby in my tummy, hahaha! That silly girl. To be honest though, it felt soo weird being at the hospital and not coming home with a little bundle! I felt sad about that part. At least the pain is worth it then!! ;) The kids have been obsessed with looking at my "boo boos" over and over again. Its been a little tough with Rachel because she doesnt understand and wants to climb up in my lap or be picked up, and Im not supposed to be lifting much right now. Arnold has been SUCH a great help.. I cant thank him enough. he took lots of good care of me, and kept the kids busy too, so I could rest. Mom brought us dinner that first night, so we didnt have to worry about that either. Thankful for some great family and friends!!!

Thank you ALL for all the prayers, You all knew what a big deal this whole thing was to me, and I could feel all the prayers. It went alot better than expected, and Im recovering nicely. As for the bloodclot issue, they just told me to walk around a lot, and keep the blood flowing, so thats what ive been doing! So far no issues and I dont expect any! I am thinking positive!!!

Up at 5am, ready to head out the door

Waiting to get my IV's hooked up

Laying back resting, waiting to go to the OR. I am smiling, but I was nervous!!!

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