Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mama/Daughter Date

I wanted to start a fun tradition for the kids, for back-to-school. So I decided to play "day dates" with all the kids, on seperate days, to take them and get their bookbag, school supplies, new shoes, etc. Then end the time with some icecream or something similar. My mom had always taken my brother and I along shopping when we were kids and let us pick out things we wanted and liked, and I remember those times fondly. It brings back some great memories. I know a lot of parents despise this time of year and the shopping but I look forward to it. I might change my mind in the future when I have THREE kids to shop for, we will see ;)

Since they were having sports sign-ups yesterday at the local pool, I decided to take Brooke and just go ahead and do her "date" then. She is going to do cheerleading this year. She has gotten the love for cheerleading from two of her good friends that were in her Kindy class last year. She sure as heck didn't get it from her Mama, I was not athletically gifted in any way. She has not let up on asking about it all year long, so we decided she must really want to do it, and we'd let her sign up. They said they have uniforms they wear all year and then return at the end of school, so we don't have to worry about that. We do have to buy bloomers (for under the skirt), hairbows that the girls have to match, and plain white tennis shoes (where do I get these, by the way?!) My mom payed the fee for Brooke, as part of her birthday this year. My parents are big into "experiences and activities" more so than toys, and I love that. They also contribute to the kids' college accounts on holidays and birthdays. Anyway, we are all signed up and just waiting on the coach to call us and let us know the Football schedule for Fall, and all the details!

After we went to sign ups we headed to Target (where else?! ha) And I let Brooke pick out her bookbag this year. She wanted (surprise surprise) a bright purple Justin Bieber bookbag. I really thought it was tacky and wished she would have chosen anything else.. (I tried to push her to go for the Lalaloopsy one!) but it made her so happy, so I let her get it. I hope it holds up well.. I usually go for higher quality in bookbags. But its not like she is in highschool yet! We looked at the actual school supplies but didn't get anything yet. The lists on the school website are still from last year. I like that the First Graders actually get to pick out their own designs on notebooks and pencils this year.. last year they were very specific on what they wanted. While we were there we also bought some new shoes for her (and a sort-of matching pair for little sis!) because they were such a good price ;) Also picked up a few more little things to go into my "New Mom Survival Kit" gift that I am working on for my friend Crystin. Heard today that she may be having baby Liam any day now!!! So I am excited :)

After Target we went by the mall. Brooke really wanted to ride on one of those "kiddie" rides, even though they are really too small for her. Since I had some quarters for once I let her ride on one. Then we stopped into Kirklands because their 40% off already-reduced prices caught my eye (I Can't give up a good deal! ;) And I found an owl decorative bowl/bottle for $3.50 and an owl nighlight for $2! I was so thrilled.. but like I really need more owl stuff, ha! I have put the owl nighlight in the bathroom for those late-night trips the kids take in there. Anyway, after the mall we went by Toys R Us so I could get Caleb one more thing for his birthday. I couldn't decide between a few Star Wars Toys (still don't know "what's cool" in boy stuff) so I settled on the "Lego Star Wars" game for the Wii.. I know he will like that! They also had some shoes on clearance that I got for the girls. I love it when they do clearance there... you can get stuff dirt cheap. You wouldn't even think of looking for clothes or shoes at Toys R Us, but they are there!

Finally we finished up and were on our way to get a treat. Brooke really wanted Italian Ice (wonder who she gets that from?! ;) But a wreck had happened and they were blocking off the road we needed to get onto... so I just took her down to Wendy's and we got frosties. I got a chocolate one and she got vanilla. We sat at a table inside and ate our icecream and talked for awhile. The place wasn't busy at all so it was really relaxing. Brooke had worn a big flower in her hair that day (My mom got it for her at a store in the Mountains) and kept getting compliments on it, it was so cute... she was so cute that day! I really enjoyed our Mama/Daughter time and coming soon will be my day with Caleb :)

Brooke and I before we left out on our afternoon date

She got side-tracked in Target and wanted to look at the toys

Showing off her new J.B. Bookbag for the 1st Grade. How can you say no to that face?!

Riding on the airplane at the mall. She could barely fit into it!

Enjoying her vanilla frosty when we were done shopping


  1. I love the idea of a day date! My daughter is an only child, so that's not really an issue, but I remember always having to go school shopping with my siblings when I was younger and I would have LOVED a day date with my mom!

  2. I'm so excited that Brooke's going to be a cheerleader! I have such great memories from when I cheered. Can't wait to see her in action!

    I love the flower in her hair. So pretty!