Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday evening after we put the kids to bed, Hubby and I watched the Olympics opening ceremony. I wasn't even going to watch that long but got hooked by all the stuff they had going on. Mary Poppins coming out to scare away the evil nightmares?? That was crazy.. reminded me of my childhood and I felt bad for that little girl in the bed (even if it was all an act!!!) I especially loved it when Mr. Bean came out and was doing an act when the symphony was playing!!!!!!!!!! I think I seriously squealed out loud, haha. It's funny because Arnold was actually joking earlier in the evening and said maybe we would see him ;) He also hoped to see Eric Clapton since he is British, but that didn't happen.. oh well! I loved all the songs they played during the musical number.. and I really loved how they ended with Hey Jude! My all-time fave. Beatles song (I'm a big Beatles fan!!!) Paul M. is pretty old and sounded pretty flat but it was still pretty good overall :)

Saturday morning we got up, got everyone ready, and went to a local pool for a birthday party. It was for a little girl at our church, who was turning 7 years old. I grew up in the same town as the pool, but had never been.. so we actually had to look for it. Thanks to the hubby we found it.. I am not good with directions at all! It was so much fun, because we had the pool all to ourselves for 2 hours and so it wasn't too chaotic. After awhile it was REALLY hot though, and I was sweating and a nasty mess. I did NOT get in the pool.. so I was more hot than other people, I'm sure! My own fault.. but I just don't like to swim. Call me a weirdo.. but I just don't see the thrill of sitting in a big pool of water. I also feel dirty when I get out of the water! And I especially don't like wearing a bathing suit after having kids!!! But anyway.. the kids had fun and we got to chat with some of our friends from church, so that was great. For lunch they had Papa Johns' pizza (my FAVE-- we don't have one near us so we don't get it very often) and they had ICECREAM cake. I absolutely love icecream cake.. and the oreo stuff they had was to die for!! By the time I was done there, even I was stuffed and happy, and I wasn't even one of the kids ;) All the kids got to fill up goody bag with little toys and candy before we left.. and Arnold and I snuck out some Starbursts and Skittles for ourselves, too ;)

That afternoon we went by my mom's house to pick up a few things that we had accidentally left over there. She gave us some tomatoes.. good timing because the kids had already eaten through all of the ones that my inlaws and neighbors had given us! We have been so blessed this year.. our sweet neighbor goes around giving out LOTS of fresh veggies from their garden, and we have really enjoyed that. After we left Mom and Dad's we went by the hospital to visit my friend Crystin, and meet her new baby boy, Liam. He had been born the afternoon before, at 2 weeks early. But everyone was doing great! He was 7lbs exactly, the same weight Caleb was when he was born! I can't believe Caleb was ever that tiny, it seems so surreal. It's crazy how everytime I go to the 2nd floor in that hospital how the smells and sounds instantly take me back to each of my kids' births. It is so bittersweet because I know I will never have another newborn. I know kids grow up eventually, but it is so tough to deal with! Anyway, I very much enjoyed getting to snuggle baby Liam for a little while before I had to give him back ;) Congrats again to Crystin and Nick on their precious little guy! :)

Sunday morning we all got up early and had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast (yum!) And we all went to the early service at church. I though I was supposed to be in the baby classroom since it was the 5th Sunday, but the schedule had changed recently, and I wasn't supposed to be there. Oops! So we went ahead and left the kids in their classrooms and went to the early service. We were on the next to last sermon in the "Sex and Romance" series we have been doing, and yet again it was an awesome message and I was cracking up! I think I blushed more this time around than any other (if you were there, you know what I am talking about!!!) After church we went to Sonic to grab some lunch. They have gotten new "Island Breeze" slushies and they were supposed to taste like pina coladas, so you know that was my excuse to go!!! I got a pineapple one and it was really good. We sat outside at the picnic tables to eat since it was such a nice day out.

That afternoon we went to my nephew's birthday party. He was turning 4 years old. (he is not REALLY my nephew, but we call him that since we are close and see the family so much.) They had a pool party at their new house. It was my first time getting to see it, and it's gorgeous! Once again, it was SO hot and I didn't swim, but at least I got to sit under a tent with some other folks who didn't swim either. I talked to my Father-in-law a little bit.. we are so excited about Friday night because that's the Skynyrd show!!! I have been counting down, and we only have 4 days left to go!!!! ;) Arnold got into the pool with the kids and they had a great time. Brooke ventured out into the deep in, and even dived off the diving board, so I was really proud of her! Caleb even got in and swam some-- he is usually very weary of the water. Then we had some snacks and Spider Man cupcakes which were really yummy! Caleb stood by Carter's side the entire time he opened presents, because he LOVES seeing all the boy toys. I know he is even more excited for his birthday now because he wants some cool new toys, too ;) By the time we left there I was sweating big time again and was exhausted, but at least the kids had fun!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! :)

Caleb at Clara's birthday party on Saturday.

Hanging out in the kiddie pool, trying to stay cool! They later soaked my capris!

Meeting baby Liam! I was hot and sweaty at this point, after the pool party.

The "Mom basket" I made crystin to take her in the hospital. Got the idea off Pinterest. Just a few little thing for the Mom since everyone thinks about the baby but the Mom deserves some attention too! What was in there-- An issue of "Parents" magazine, a pretty little notebook, two cute pens, a box of Skittles, watermelon gum, a small tin of Altoids mints, B&Body works small hand sanitizer, a small bottle of lotion, a bath fizzie, a chapstick, a cute pair of socks, and a "Welcome Baby Boy" card :) All put together in a little plastic basket that can be re-used.

Arnold and Rachel at Carter's party. Rachel would NOT smile at me!!!

Enjoying a Spiderman cupcake

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