Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend in Review

We went to the Discovery Place Kids on Friday. We were only gone a few hours but it felt like a few DAYS. Especially the ride home.. 3 little kids in a row in the backseat of my mom's car. I could not wait to get home...

Arnold and I started watching "How I Met your Mother" on Netflix. Does anyone else watch this show? It is pretty good.. glad I gave it a chance. I saw a few re-runs on Mon. nights when Arnold was at band practice. So now we are starting at the beginning. Also, they added "Frasier" to Netflix which makes me happy :)

These were our yardsale finds on Saturday. I haven't found much this Summer at all, I was disappointed. The sales this Sat. didn't look that great either, but I'm glad I stopped anyway. The dress on the left is Lands End and was only 50cents. So were the frog Pjs. The books include a BIG princess sticker book, a prayer journal (never written in, brand new), another Janet Evanovich book I haven't read yet, and a a relationship book. The toys came from a yardsale that two men were running. They sold all the toys for only 25 cents each, and even threw in a second toy for my son for free.. they were so nice. The Spongebob didn't have batteries but we put some in when we got home and he talks! Rachel loves it. Saturdays have become my "good deals" day and I love yardsaling, thrifting, and looking at consignment stores. I also found half off Summer clothes at a local kids' consignment store that day.

My mother-in-law is the Yard Sale Queen. She gets up at the butt-crack of dawn and goes out and gets all the good stuff first thing. She found a mermaid costume new-in-package and got it for the girls. It was size 4-6 which is actually right in between the girls' sizes (Rachel is size 4 and Brooke is size 8) But Brooke was bound and determined to put that thing on anyway. So she put it on and it was so form-fitting. When she walked out and it was clinging to all her parts I asked my husband if he saw the future and he said yes and was very, very worried, ha! The back slit went all the way up... needless to say it was very small on her and we were afraid it would split when she sat down. But it didn't and she has continued to wear it ALL.weekend.long. Oh well, whatever makes her happy I guess.

Saturday morning the kids were up playing before Arnold and I got up. We woke up to find that Brooke had CUT Rachel's hair. She had somehow decided to get the GOOD (sharp!) kitchen scissors out of the drawers, and go to town on her little sister's locks. Her hair was cut very short in the back, and very uneven. there were THREE bald spots on the top, middle, and side of her hair. When I saw her I was in shock. I actually cried.. she just looked so pitiful. Arnold got very mad and spanked her and she lost a friend's bday party she was supposed to go to that evening. Later that day she also made fun of her sister saying she looked like a boy, and Rachel was crying saying "Nuh uh, I'm a girl!" So then she got in trouble again! I know people say it is common for little kids to cut hair and I will laugh later.. and I'm sure I will. But right now my heart is broken because my 3-year old kindof looks like a boy! And her hair is fuzzy on top! At least she's not in school yet. I'm sure going to school like that would be embarassing :-/

"Where the Heart is" was on Netflix this weekend (can you tell I love Netflix????) And I made Arnold watch it with me, ha. He was a pretty good sport about it. That movie never gets old to me, it is so sweet. Love how she turns her life around.

Finished "The Castaways" that I had been reading for awhile now. It was a mystery/drama I guess you would call it. It was pretty good. The end was not what I was expecting. Now to decide what I am going to read next!

All Sunday afternoon we worked cleaning Caleb's room. It was a disaster area. Arnold actually took ALL of his toys, except for one box of them, down to the basement. We are becoming over-run with toys and it never gets any better. Not to mention he has a birthday in two weeks and he will be getting MORE toys that will clutter up the house even more, so it was time to de-clutter his room/closet. I am happy with what we got done. I ended the day with an M&M Mcflurry and hanging out online, resting. I was exhausted after all that. And the crazy thing is, I'm sure the room will be destroyed again soon. But I won't think about that now! 

And one last thing... some of the musicians at our church made a music video this weekend for our service. It was a remake of a song, and it was hilarious. Those guys are so talented. Check it out!!! You will love it :)

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