Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Funnies

I actually AM bummed about this. I would have had such a cooler wedding if I had had all these amazing ideas at my fingertips... seriously ;)

I consider myself a nerd :)

Southern people do talk slow... but it doesn't always mean we are stupid!

Full-out one-pieces for me. When I actually go in the pool. Babies gave me the tiger stripes, that's for sure. Won't ever be the same. But they are worth it ;)

I hate when I spend all that time cleaning and its completely and totally wrecked again at the very next meal. No fair!

Yeah... remember that, Arnold!!!

Who else loooves the Golden Girls?! They sure did eat a lot of cheesecake on that show.

I am caught between my desires to shop for pretty things and my need to save money for my family these days!!! ;)

True that! I am surprised I have not wrecked yet, with listening to the constant yelling, whining, Dora dvds on the dvd player, and demands to "pick up this" or "get that!"

I actually LOVE browsing around Target at night, every so often, when Arnold is watching the kids at home. It really is like a vacation! And I can't leave there without buying something....

This is my problem! I start and fail diets so many times... why do cookies and other sweets have to taste so darn good???!

I say this to my hubby all the time. He is getting used to me slowly ;)

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