Thursday, July 19, 2012

I am doing These!

I actually "pin" and "bookmark" things on the internet all the time. But I never seem to get around to actually doing the things/projects that I try to save to memory. So I went online and picked some of my favorites and I am going to DO THESE THINGS in the next month. You guys heard me, and can hold me accountable! Ha! And I will be back of course, to report on how they went and take pictures, too (if you know me-- you know there will be pictures!!)

So here are the things I want to accomplish....

This was a back-to-school idea! You can bag up Lucky Charms cereal in little baggies, and put tags that say "I am LUCKY to have you in my class!" I also saw similar ideas using gummy fish that said "I am glad we are in the same SCHOOL!" Aren't those cute?! I wonder if my kids' teachers will mind bringing something like that....

These could be party favors I guess, or used for something else. You buy the giant-sized pixy sticks and tape balloons on top. You can write a message on them, too. It would be easy to personalize.

What a cute birthday breakfast idea! Panckes, icing (I think that's what that is) and sprinkles on top! I am going to do these on the morning of Caleb's birthday (August 8th.) I might put whipped cream on top instead, not sure yet. Even my husband will like these! ;)

Letters made out of buttons, for the kids' names! To hang in their rooms! I could do these in colors to match the girls' room (pink and green) I love this idea. 

This is one of the next books I want to read. Who doesn't need a little happiness in their lives?! But it will have to wait awhile because I am in the middle of "The Castaways" by Elin Hildebrand right now.

Another birthday idea! Put money inside balloons (one balloon for each year they are turning) and at the end of the party or birthday "day" you can let them pop it to get the money!

Loved this idea for new moms. A "Happy BIRTH Day" or "New Mom Survival" kit for a new mom in the hospital. I have a few close friends due soon, and I am going to make one for them. Everyone is so into the baby when they are born (and I can see why, I mean I personally love newborns!) But the mama needs some attention too! I am actually in the middle of making one for my friend Crystin right now. And I might regret saying that because she may read this (ha!) But it suggesed putting stuff in there like mouthwash, hairties, mints, snacks, and other things they might like!

This is a pretty easy decorating idea (I mean I'm GUESSING. I'm not very crafty at all!) You take a stencil with letters and put it on something, either a pillow (shown) or a blank canvas, and make your own piece of art! With a name, favorite quote, bible verse, or whatever!

We are in the middle of trying to potty train my very stubborn daughter, Rachel! She is the baby of the family and doesn't have much interest, until lately. I am going to make a jar of Potty Treats for her to get whenever she actually does something in the potty! I am so not beyond bribing my kids to do something they need to do! (Hey, I am on my third kid, give me a break, ok!)

Another birthday tradition idea (can you tell I love birthdays?!) You can sneak into the kids' bedroom and fill it up with balloons all over the floor, so they wake up to a cute surprise! I could totally see me getting my husband to spend all evening blowing up balloons. He is my balloon-blower-upper at all our parties ;)

This was a cute idea for a teacher at the beginning of the new school year. Get a nice bottle of lotion and attach a tag that says "Hope you have a SMOOTH Year"! Might give the year a good start.. as long as they think you are not being a suck up! ;)

Love this idea for a birthday card/gift! You get a blue balloon, attach it to a card so that it looks like a whale, and add the eyes, mouth, and message. Before hand you stuff money inside the balloon. I might do this for my neice... not sure yet, but someone is getting this cute card sometime soon! Just remember to tell the recepient about the money, they probably won't know to look! ;)

"Cupcake Pizzas!" I love anything with "cupcake" or "pizza" in the title, so this caught my eye. You make them in muffin or cupcake tins with dough and toppings of your choice. They are like homeade bagel bites! (and probably healthier!)

A cute countdown for the kids! this could work for many different occasions.. birthdays, vacations.. but I think we will do a "Back to School" countdown next month. My kids don't go back until the end of August so we still have awhile. I am probably as ready (if not more) for them to go back ;)

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  1. I love all of these ideas! I'm so not crafty whatsoever, but if you ever need company or moral support, I'm your girl haha!