Sunday, July 15, 2012


Just a few things that have made me happy this weekend!

Our new dryer was delivered on Friday! We now can dry our clothes again and I am so relieved. I also am relieved it fit in the space Arnold had made for it!

Found Brooke some "Back to School" shoes the other day at Target! They are purple Converse, so cute! AND to make it even better, they had gone on clearance, so I got a great price on them.

Cute wrapping paper for some gifts for upcoming birthday parties. The robot present is for my nephew, Carter, and the purple striped present is for one of Brooke's good friends, Ava. I usually just throw gifts in bags and go but this was more fun :)

I got this cute little sleeper at Toys R Us the other day for 30cents. Yep, you read that right! It was marked 50 cents and I thought it was a mistake, but tried to buy it any way. They also had an "additional 40 percent off" sale going on their stuff, so It rang up for 30 cents! Also found some socks, shoes, hats and stuff while I was there. Will probably pass this along to one of my many friends having baby boys soon! :) PS- It even has OWLS on it ;)

I had heard this was a really good kids' book, and I found it the other day at Ollie's! Had to get it for the kids' collection.

Found these in the closet the other day, had completely forgotten I had bought them LAST year for Rachel to wear this year. They were marked down to only $2 or so last year and I saved them all this time. So now she has some new summer PJs to wear! 

The kids really loved going to Krispie Kreme the other night with some of their friends. They watched the donuts go by on the conveyer belt and got so excited ;)

Sweet Molly climbed up me (actually used her claws and climbed up my clothes!!) the other night and sat on my shoulder, and started to fall asleep. She is the CUTEST thing ever!

The kids think their Daddy makes such a fun horse ;) I am so lucky to have such a great husband who is also a great daddy! 

My friend Natalie and I went to the movies Sat night! Yay for Girl time!

Really am enjoying the new series our church is doing! Honest talk on sex, romance, and relationships. And our pastor is hilarious, so that makes the sermons very entertaining to say the least ;)

My big girl lost her 6th tooth last night. One of her bottom teeth. She looks so much older when she has those missing teeth! And yep, she's still loving on the Bieber ;)

My good friend Jackie let me borrow her copy of "Mocking Jay" the other night! So I am excited to dive into that and finish the series. Loving it so far! :)

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