Monday, July 2, 2012

My 27th Birthday Weekend!

This weekend I celebrated my birthday.. all weekend long! (yall know how I do ;)

Friday afternoon my parents came and picked Brooke and Caleb up, and took them up to the mountains with them for a few days. They were going to take Rachel, but she isn't potty-trained yet, and it would just be a big hopefully her wanting to go on trips in the future will be a help to get her going! Anyway, that night I went to dinner with several of my girlfriends. It's become a tradition to go to O'Charleys every year to celebrate with my friends.. Girls' Nights are so much fun! While I was waiting for a table big enough to seat all of us, Caleb's preschool teacher walked in with her husband. They were there on a little date night to have dinner, so I got to chat with her for awhile. Love that two of my kids have had her for their teacher... and we have become pretty close. Finally my friends started showing up (I have lots of "late arrivers, haha!!! ;) And they couldn't get a table big enough for us, so they ended up putting us in two big booths right beside each other. We took up the whole aisle too, with all our purses, presents, and highchairs (two of my friends brought their babies with them). We had a great time at dinner.. I think we were quite the sight to a lot of people around us, and made a few people mad that couldn't get through very easily.. but so what?! It was my birthday! ha! ;) My friends were so sweet and they brought me gifts, too. I got a new devotional book, a picture for my room, some bath goodies, and two giftcards--one for Target, and one for Barnes & Noble-- my two favorite stores of course! ;)

After dinner we went outside to take some pictures (wouldn't be an outing with me if we didn't take pictures ;) I took along my new camera and definitely got some good use out of it! We asked a random guy sitting outside waiting to take a group shot of us.. and he was nice enough to-- AND took two shots for us to make sure we got a good one (my kind of guy! ;) Then we hung around the parking lot for awhile chatting. We were going to go to the movies, but the one we wanted to see was sold out, so a few of us went bowling instead. I knew ahead of time I might go bowling, but dummy me still hadn't remembered to bring socks. I thought it would be no big deal.. Arnold told me they probably had slip on things for people to wear (like they give you at the shoe store to try on shoes) so I asked when I got there. But the girl said that they SOLD socks in the vending machine. Um.. really?! I've never seen socks sold in a vending machine before. But low and behold.. there they were. And they knew what they were doing too.. it was over $3 for a single pair of plain, white socks. And on top of that, I accidentally pushed the wrong button and got KIDS' socks. But at least they fit (tight, but they fit) and I guess Brooke can wear them after me ;) I'm sure they make a lot of money off of poor saps like me that forget socks (or maybe I'm the only one with the horrible memory!!!!) Anyway, there was a special that night.. bowl for 2 hours and get a shoe rental for $10. So we ended up playing two games. I did horrible like usual (hadn't bowled in a long time!) But i did get a strike before the night was over, so I was happy ;) We didn't even have the bumpers up! It was a great night out and I didn't get home until around 10pm. (early for some but late for us moms ;)

Saturday morning we only had Rachel to get up and get ready for the day (MUCH easier) I think we would get a LOT more done if we only had one kid.. but of course-- I don't regret having all 3 of my kids at all! We were going to drop Rachel off at Arnold's parent's house so we could have a DAY DATE. On the way we stopped by a yardsale we saw. They mostly had little baby girl stuff.. but I did find a few books for the kids.. including a Bearenstain Bear Book that they didn't have in their collection yet (score!!) Then we dropped Rachel off, and while we were over there, I asked Arnold's mom if she would cut Rachel's hair. I know most of you know that she has been looking pretty raggedy lately, so it was time! Rachel throws a fit most of the time when anyone messes with her hair, so I knew we would be in for a fight. Arnold held her and she cut... and Rachel looks SO much older now! Her hair is cut into bangs now and out of her face! Arnold also got a trim while we we over there. Yes, a lot of times his Mama still cuts her son's hair... how sweeeeet is that?! Hehe ;)

We went to Olive Garden for lunch. We were going to go to Dos Amigos since we had a coupon, but i just wasn't feeling mexican that day. Olive Garden is one of my fave places, but we don't get to go there often, so that worked for me! They were doing a special where you got two meals and a dessert for $25 so we did that. I got baked ziti with different kinds of cheeses on it, and it was sooo good. Before we ate our main course we ate lots of salad (with that addiciting salad dressing!) and breadsticks.. so I wasn't able to finish all my food. I left a LITTLE room for dessert though... I picked the chocolate mousse, and it was soo yummy! I got all my food and bread packed up in a bag to go, and Arnold said I was crazy because I would never finish it later. I felt so bad just leaving it there on the table, though! (and he was right-- later on he threw the bag away after it had stayed in the hot sun all afternoon! oh well) After lunch we headed over to Petco since we were right there, to look at the Kitten stuff. I love looking at Kitty stuff now.. I swear I never thought we would become "cat people!" ;) We had been looking forever for a collar for Molly, but they all said "for cats over 6 lbs." And finally I found one that was for "kittens." So I picked a gray one with a little pink flower on it and a little silver bell. It is ADORABLE! She looks sooo cute in it now, and prissy. And plus-- her little bell lets me know where she is now.. she is quite the hider! ;) Anyway, after that we went to Barnes and Noble to look for new books (I had a GC so of course I was there!!) I was looking for a book called "Bloom" that I have wanted to read forever, and they didn't have it! I was shocked-- I had someone look it up and everything. What kind of big book store doesn't carry the books I want to read?! Target had it! Ha! Anyway, I ended up getting ANOTHER Janet Evanovich book that I haven't read yet, a book by another one of my fave. authors, and I found a book for the kids too, while I was there. It was in the clearance section for only $3 so I couldn't resist! ;) Oh AND a new bookmark. It is pink and black and has cows on it, and says "GOT BOOKS?!" Hahaha.. instead of GOT MILK. Sorry... anyyay.. I thought it was cute ;)

After the bookstore we went to Target. I couldn't decide what I wanted to get in there. There were several things on my "wishlist." I couldn't decide on if I wanted new sunglasses, new jewelry, a new book.. or what. I went to the clothes section and found a really cute top that matched a new necklace I had gotten recently, so I got that. Then I went to the book section. They had the "Bloom" book, but it was still really expensive just for a book, so I went with a paperback book instead, that sounded really good. I also got some Peanut M&M's while I was there.. nothing wrong with a little chocolate! My diet is on hold until we get back from vacation ;) After Target we went to the mall to walk around. We were going to go the movies, but the movie I wanted to see wasn't playing anytime soon, so we just decided to do something else. We went into Pac Sun and I got a new necklace and some new earrings (they were having an awesome clearance!) Then we went into Belk's (I didn't even want to go in there, but Arnold did!) and found Brooke a new dress. It was ADORABLE with polka dots and ruffles, I can't wait until she can wear it! Then we stopped by this place that makes custom tags and stickers for cars. I had wanted a new family sticker for awhile now, since our old one has Rachel as a "baby" and she isn't anymore :( So we got a new one, made with a Daddy, Mommy, two little girls, a boy, two dogs and now a kitten! It was a pretty long sticker, ha! Can't wait to get it on the van.. just have to get Arnold to get around to taking the old one off first (which he is dreading, as he already let me know!) While we waited on the sticker to be made, we walked around JC Penney. Have yall seen their new prices they kept advertising on tv? Everything is so affordable now... I was pretty impressed, actually. I might have to go shopping for some new clothes in there soon. I would have that day but I'd already gone over my budget big time. Before we left the mall we stopped by the pretzel place and got some soft pretzels for a snack.

That afternoon we went back to pick up Rachel. Arnold's parents gave me a birthday present while i was there. They got me this cool solar owl (they know about my love for owls, too!) that lights up. And some new sandals, a new necklace, and an O'Charleys gifcard to go out to eat. I thought that was an awesome present! Arnold started playing with the owl right away and trying to get it to light up, ha! That evening we went over to church to help a friend serve dinner for one of their special services. The A/C wasn't working in the building that day and it was HOT! We were dripping sweat after just being there a little while, it was ridiculous.. I felt so nasty. But it was good to be able to help out where we were needed. After we served dinner we helped clean up and even washed dishes. I made a mess all over the foor there with the sprayers and by the end of the night I was covered in sweat, mustard, water.. and who knows what else. Needless to say, I took a shower as SOON as I got home! Arnold passed out in the living room recliner soon after we got home, and I read some of my new book (it is good by the way-- I had good taste! ;) And Rachel ended up sleeping in the bed with me that night. The kids never sleep with us, so it was treat for her. And by the end of the night I remembered why.. her legs were all spread out and she was practically kicking me out of the bed! But it was sweet having her in there still :)

Sunday morning we got up, got ready, and went to the early service at church. I work in the baby class on the first Sundays on the month. Since Arnold was already there, he volunteered to stay in there with us and help out. It was a good thing, because we were packed with babies that morning! We all had a great time playing on the floor with the little guys (even Arnold enjoyed himself, I think!) Rachel soaked her dress while we were in there (still don't know if it was pee or her sitting in someone's spilled juice!) and of COURSE it was the time we didn't have an extra outfit in her bag.. so Arnold ran over to Walmart to buy her a new outfit to wear. He said he just grabbed the first thing he saw that looked girly and cute, and she came back wearing this REALLY short dress. Except it wasn't a dress.. it was a top! He said it had LOOKED like a dress on the rack. Ha! At least she wasn't naked. But dang if that wasn't a short "dress." Ok for 3 years old I guess, but it would have been bad if she was 16! ;) The girls in the nursery got a good laugh out of that. At least he was sweet enough to go get her something to wear.. I have to remember that!! After nursery we went to 11:00 service and heard a great sermon on praying, and how to pray. I really enjoyed it alot. I like it when I can actually apply what I learn on Sundays to my daily life.

That afternoon we went BACK to O'Charleys and had lunch (yes, we used the giftcard I got! ;) They have brunch on Sundays and I love it, so I got eggs, bacon, toast, and hashbrowns.. it was so yummy! Rachel was being such a cute girl while we were there, and said "You're the best daddy, you're the best mommy, and I'm the best baby!" Ha! Melted my heart. And yes, she still calls herself a baby sometimes! That girl is so spoiled and so rotten, but we love her! ;) That afternoon around 3:30 mom brought the big kids back home from the mountains. They were all hyped up and running around everywhere.. I could tell they had had a great time. Immediately the house became loud and chaotic again, but we were glad to have all our kids home and under the same roof again :)

Wow, that was a long blog! I had an awesome weekend, and I hated to see it end! :)

Dinner Friday night with the Girls! Karla, Jenn (my Sister-in-law), Chrissy, Cori, me, Shannon, Teresa, Mindy, and Mary.

Arnold and Rachel at Walmart on Friday evening. Rachel's shirt says "Cool like Daddy" ;)

My poor, smushed-up birthday cake! it WAS pretty before it fell, I promise!!!

Bowling after dinner!

Rachel getting a haircut from Grandma on Saturday

After the haircut-- such a big girl!

Eating my dessert at Olive Garden!

Ray and I showing how hot we were working in the kitchen on Sat. evening. I am even wearing sexy plastic gloves since I was handling food ;)

Serving dinner. I look horrible. Have the weirdest look on my face. I can't believe Ray was taking pictures in the first place! ;)


  1. HA! Rachel's "cool like daddy" shirt is so fitting for that picture. Love it!

    I'm so glad you had a good birthday weekend :)

  2. I wish I'd have known you were wanting Bloom, I have it and you could have borrowed it.

    Glad you had a good weekend, thanks for inviting me Friday!