Thursday, July 12, 2012

That's Pinteresting!

These are some of my Pinterest finds I'm loving this week!

When I saw this, I was laughing. Caleb is so obsessed with Star Wars these days. I could see Arnold wearing this when he is cooking ;) (Yes, he sometimes cooks dinner, I have an awesome husband! ;)

This is another baby gift idea. You get an icecream bowl, wrap a bunch of onesies (or blankets) up and put a baby spoon in there, and it looks like icecream! how cute! 

Fun idea for the kids. Tape lots of straws together and they make lots of little bubbles! I don't know about yall but my kids go crazy over bubbles!

This is with Christmas cards, but you could do it with any cards I guess. You can punch holes and make card books, to look back at later! I love saving cards to read later.

Aren't these cookie cutters so cute?! And you can use them to make cute sandwiches to pack in your kids' lunches! I might have to try this next year.

This is a craft to do with the kids. The cloud has their name and then the rainbow colors make up words that describe them, with each letter of their name. Pretty cute.

A good way to store hair ties! Just open it up and grab one and then close it back. I am ALWAYS losing these things. Between Brooke and I, we use alot of them.

This was kindof cute. Not sure for who? Sticking money bills in little wrappers, and you find the money instead of candy in the box.

Great way to organize art supplies, pencils, etc! We have so many broken crayons all over the house or stuff without caps. I get tired of it. I am about ready to throw it all out!

Loved this outfit for the fall... sooo cute! I especially love the pea coat! Green is my favorite color of all time! I could see me wearing this :)

A cute rainbow cake! They made theirs with skittles and mini marshmellows. I am not very good at stuff like that but even I could decorate a cake like that! ;)

A steering wheel cover you can make! In cute patterns! I would love something like this for my van. Who wants to make me one????!


  1. I LOVE that one with the straws! Chris and Logan would love that. They're slightly bubble obsessed, lol.

    I like the rainbow cake, too. Super cute. I'd probably make it with M&M's though since we aren't big skittles fans here.

  2. These are such adorable ideas! My favorite is the apron with Darth Vader.. my boys would love it! And I just adore Pinterst.. Do you think they have Pinterest Anonymous?
    Thanks so much for joining in the under 300 followers blog hop.. I am you newest follower~
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  3. Thank you Amie! I loved the idea you had with that, I hope to make more blogger friends! :)

  4. Hey sweet girl! Following you back! You have a beautiful family!! I'm an "Imperfect Mom" myself! :o) And Thank God for Us!

    LOVE the steering wheel cover!!!

  5. Thank you Tif, Glad I'm not alone ;)

  6. Love that outfit - especially the green coat and striped shirt!

  7. Hi...thanks for the comment and for following! I love that outfit! It's so cute! :)

  8. cute ideas!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    love your blog :)

    happy weekend!

  9. The carabeaner hair tie storage is such a great idea! As is the onesie ice cream sundae.

  10. LOVE the icecream onesie idea! I'm gonna have to remember that one.

  11. Thanks for the follow! Your kids are cuties!