Thursday, July 26, 2012

What I'm Lovin...

Oops, I forgot to do my "What I'm Loving Wednesday" Post yesterday. So today I am just doing a generic "What I'm Loving" blog. So these are some things I'm lovin this week...

I'm loving this owl nightlight I got at Kirklands the other week. It is adorable and makes the perfect nightlight in our bathroom for the kids at night when they get up to use the bathroom. I just wish they wouldn't keep turning it on everytime I turn it off, during the day.

I am loving this owl decorative bottle/bowl I also got at Kirklands last week. It was only $3 with the extra % off thing they were doing. Right now its sitting with my other owls but I don't know where I'm going to put it yet.

I'm loving Rachel's "new haircut". I am still upset Brooke got the scissors and did that herself but she looks pretty cute with the shorter hair. It would be even better without the bald spots!!

I'm loving the yummy cookies Arnold and I made this week. We made them to eat while watching tv together one night. The kids and I ate the leftovers :)

I'm loving the "Kids Skate Free" club they have going on this Summer at our local skating rink. The kids get in free on certain days and you only pay $1 for their skate rentals. Last night we took them with some friends. I even got on skates and went out there with them. It brought back lots of memories. That used to be the place to go when i was a kid! The kids need lots of practice before their party there next month. Caleb could hardly stand up on skates! They definitely got their clumbsiness from their mothers!

I'm loving how much TALLER I was than Arnold last night, while on skates. We are already about the same height (I am a tall girl at nearly 5'11) but on the skates I was even taller. He said I was very "intimidating" haha! We had to get a picture of us like this. He is being silly and acting like I'm the "man" in the relationship ;)

I'm loving this book I just finished called "The Center of Everything." I took a chance on it, I just got it because it was on clearance at Barnes & Noble (note the big sticker on it!) But it was actually pretty good. I heard the author's other books are pretty good, also. The girl in it had a sad childhood.. I don't know how I end up reading all these depressing books.. but at least they keep my attention!

I'm loving that a friend and I took our kids to the Hunger Games film site yesterday! Well one part of it. They actually did some filming in my very own town, how cool is that? They fimed District 12 there (didn't know that part until yesterday!) I can't believe I hadn't been down there yet. It was neat taking pictures of stuff. This pic of the kids is in front of Peeta's bakery. I'm glad the people opened it up to the public to go see, because I heard they used to be pretty strict about that area. What's funny is I haven't even gotten a chance to see the movie yet, so I didn't know all that I was looking at. I heard some people even got in trouble for taking things from the site. Really people? Even I'm not that desperate into this Hunger Games thing ;)

I'm loving this season's America's Got Talent. They have some amazing acts this time around. I can't even decide who I like most! I love the guy that does the sand art. And the guy that makes his own musical instruments (he is super talented!) And the guys that clog (sounds dumb but they make it kindof sexy?!) Haha! Can't wait to see who wins this time around.

I'm loving that I made my mom a photobook the other day. I put pics together of the trip we took to the Discovery Kids Place. It is a surprise and I know she will love it! They have a promo going on right now for free softcover 5x7 books, and you only pay shipping. Which is only $2 for the little books. They are good quality, I have gotten them made before. I hope she likes it!

I'm loving that in only 8 more days I will be at the Skynyrd concert! I am going with Arnold and his dad. Father-in-law got us tickets to go for my birthday... and the main reason they want to go is because The Allman Brothers are going to be with them, but at least he thought of me ;) It's been a long time since I've been to a concert and I am SO excited. This will be my 8th Skynyrd show ;)

I'm loving this cartoon I saw the other day. Sums up my life perfectly. Arnold is always asking what is wrong with me.. why am I always so tired, stressed, and just plain crazy? Well I guess I can now blame the children ;)

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