Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas Ideas Already?!

Ok, you are either one of those who thinks I'm crazy or is right there with me. Time to think about Christmas gifts. Yeah I know it's Summertime and the kids haven't gone back to school yet. But when you think about it, there is only 5 months left to buy stuff and prepare, and I like to plan things out. Also, I have 3 kids to buy for, so I have to do a little at a time. Mama ain't rich! (and for those who know me, that actually hurt to write that grammatically-incorrect word, haha! But I thought it fit the situation ;) Anyway, these are some things I've found that I think my kids would like this year. If anyone has any experience or reviews let me know NOW before I spend the $$$$$. I can use all the help I can get! Also-- for those who DON'T know, my kids are Booke- 6, Caleb- 5, and Rachel- 3. If that helps any ;) Thanks in advance!

The kids have sort-of gotten into the Angry Birds crazy, thanks to the stage their dad went through playing it on my Kindle Fire every single night. This is an actual board game.

My son loves Batman (all superheros actually) This is the Batman Helicopter, from Imaginext brand. Looked neat, even considered it for his birthday but decided on something else instead.

The Fijit. My daughter's friend had one of these and they played with it one evening at our house. It talked and signed and I'll admit, even I liked it! They also have smaller versions and a new version that just came out.. I don't know the differences in them??

My three year old absolutely loves pretending to take pictures, and she is always trying to steal my camera away. Actually, I think she is the one who broke my last camera! Anyway, this Fisher Price Kid-Tough camera looks right up her alley. They have one in pink/purple too, which is the one I would get for her. Heck, my husband says even I need one of these because I am so rough on electronics.. haha thanks honey!

My oldest daughter has found the Lalaloopsy craze. So far all she has is one big doll, the Cheerleader. That one just sits on her shelf, because there is not much to do with it. But they have little playsets too, which I think she might like better. This is the new playhouse they came out with. They have an older version house too, and a ferris wheel and bus and car I think...

The Leapfrog reading system. Helps teach your child to read. My daughter is already reading simple books but thought my son going into Kindergarten might like this??

They finally came out with some cute GIRLY lego sets! Everytime we are at the store Brooke looks at them and says she wants some. My husband is very afraid of all the small pieces though.. and I can see why. We lose so much around here as it is.

Another Lalaloopsy. This one is the mermaid, and the one Brooke begs for all the time. But it is around $35 just for a doll?! Does it even do anything?! It is cute though...

This is the thing I've been thinking about the most... Nintendo DS, for the two bigger kids. We already have a Wii, but sometimes they fight over it and it gets annoying. Also, this one is portable to take in the car or somewhere else we go. And they have SO many game selections to go with it. I think the kids would really enjoy it. But would they take care of it? I'd probably have to watch them closely. My kids can be pretty rough. 

My son mentioned wanting a pirate ship?? I couldn't find too many, especially in the "older boys" section. I did find this Playmobil pirate ship though. Probably many little pieces with this...

This is the Vtech learning laptop. The kids always love to see me on the computer and they are learning to use one. So.... this might be fun. And a lot safer than them using mine. Especially the 3 year old! It says from ages 4-6.. don't know if it would be too hard to figure out for my youngest?

I saw this on Toys R Us website last night for the first time. Baby Dora and her stroller! My daughter is obsessed with Dora these days. So this looked cute....

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