Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving this picture my husband made of me and him on a paint program last night. He was trying to be helpful and make a pic of us side by side for me to put in my blog last night "Men vs. women." But it ended up blurring out his face and stretching out mine! Even my 5-year old said "WHY is your face so stretched out mommy?!" Haha. At least he tried.

~I'm loving the Erin Condren Life planners! I've seen tons of bloggers rave about them, so I looked into the details on her website. They look amazing-- anything that could get me organized is worth it in my book (I am lacking in those skills!) They are a little pricy but they are very beautiful on the outside and include lots of cute little things throughout the book. The pic below is of the design I have picked when I can finally order one. Check them out at!

~I'm (kindof) loving this pic my husband posted on his facebook, of when we were dating. This is back in 2005! Wow! Yes my husband had long hair at the time and was wearing a very outdated sweater. I'm actually pretty embarassed he posted this for everyone to see. But since he already did, figured it wouldn't hurt to share it on the blog! Since then he has gotten a LITTLE better at his fashion sense ;)

~I'm loving that I finally finished the Hunger Games series yesterday! I was reading the last book outside while the kids played, and everytime they would yell or ask me a question I had to shush them away because I was so into it! The lat half of the book got really good really quick! I won't spoil it for anyone but Katniss DID end up with who I was hoping for, so that made me really happy :)

~I'm loving that my Mom and I are taking the kids to Discovery Place Kids this weekend. It is a big children's museum/learning center type place with lots of things set up for them to pretend and discover. I have been wanting to take them all summer, so I am glad Mom suggested we go. I think the kids will have a blast. It is a surprise still-- I haven't told them anything!

~I'm loving that my husband brought me home an M&M McFlurry the other night after his band practice. It is my all-time favorite. Isn't he the sweetest?? :)

~I'm loving that tomorrow is payday. That's pretty self-explanitory. I have a lot of bills to pay! Arnold only gets paid every two weeks so we have had to learn how to budget better to make the money last for a whole two weeks. The woman's face in this picture below very-well describes how I am feeling right now when looking in my wallet!

~I'm loving this book cake that I found on pinterest! Perfect cake for a bookworm (like me!) Anyone want to make a cake like this for me on my next birthday?! You can even ask me my favorite book titles to write on the book covers ;)

~I'm loving this cute breakfast idea I found online! Should be easy, just take a pancake, strawberries, blueberries, and chocolate chips, and make a smiley sun! I think I might make this for the kids on their first day back to school! They would love that!

~I'm loving that the Children's Place sent me a $10 off coupon in my email, for my birthday. I have until the end of July to go use it. It will help out with getting some school clothes, that's for sure! I am really starting to love their stuff for Brooke, my oldest daughter. She is going into 1st grade and they have some really cute stuff these days!

~Im loving this picture I found of my sweet Rachel a few Christmases ago! She was so little! And was still rocking that horrible mullet and making funny little faces! I miss her being that little.. can't believe she just turned 3 in June.


  1. oh budgeting and pay day! I TOTALLY understand that!

  2. hahaha, that picture of the woman checking out her wallet is hilarious. that was def. me last night. i get paid every two weeks to. def. something to get use to!

    and i loved the way the Hunger Games series ended too. she ended up with who i wanted to :)

    and i love looking at old pictures of the hubs and i. it always makes me laugh out loud. especially sometimes my outfits were a bit questionable, lol.

    Happy Wednesday!