Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Hubby, I cannot believe you shaved your hair off while I was at work last night! I didn't think you were going to do it so soon! But I do really like it. You look more "manly" now ;) And I liked helping you fix up the back since you can't see the back ;)

Dear Baby Liam, please please hurry up and get here! I cannot wait to meet you and hold you! And I know your mama can't either! (Being pregnant in the Summer is TOUGH!)

Dear Target, Thank you for finally clearancing the toy endcaps to 70% off yesterday. Even if you were pretty much wiped out, I found a few things for the kids. Including a Princess Tiana doll that sings "Happy Birthday!" Brooke will absolutely love that.

Dear Churches in the Area, I am sorry if several of you will get flyers from the PCC soon that have very crooked edges and look pretty pathetic. It was my first time using the Exacto cutting machine!

Dear Pregnancy Care Center, thank you for giving me a place to run to on Thursday evenings! I get a nice break from the kids :) And helping others really makes me feel good!

Dear Weekend, I am so, so glad you are here again! I like having hubby home to help me with the kids ;) Hey, they are his kids too!

Dear North Carolina, Why do you have to be so dang HOT at this time of the year? I am barely outside for a minute before I am all sweaty and gross. Not attractive.

Dear Redbox, Thank you for putting a new machine in at the store down the street from us! Very convenient! Hubby even brought home a movie for us to watch the other night, as a surprise. We watched "Joyful Noise" and it was really good. I love any movie with singing or dancing ;)

Dear Karla, thank you for joining me at the mall today for a playdate! It was nice to get out. And it is so nice to talk to another mom who truly understands me! You are an awesome friend :)

Dear Molly- please stop pouncing on me in the middle of the night. I am trying to sleep! And while I think you are cute, I don't appreciate licks across the face either!

Dear Rachel, time to get potty-trained already! I know you are the baby of the family and stubborn, but something has got to give! I am tired of spending $$$$ on diapers!

Dear Chick Fila Haters, if you don't like their OPINIONS, go eat someplace else! They will still get plenty of business without you! They have always stood up for Christian values, why the uproar now over their Marriage stance? It is stated clearly in the Bible.. so for us Christians, we want to follow what we read. Not allowing them to express their own opinions is pretty intolerant too. Just sayin.

Dear Walmart, I can't believe I dropped by and shopped there today. I hate your store, it always stresses me out. But somehow, I made it through. AND with three kids I might add! Supermom!

Dear Teen Mom Cast, you keep me rolling my eyes every week I watch your show. What a train wreck! I feel sorry for those kids of your's! Catelyn and Tyler still make me cry though, especially the reunions with Carly. Bittersweet for me, thinking of Joseph....

Dear Self, good job pulling off that surprise for your hubby this morning! You can never keep secrets! (I put a note and some yummy snacks and drinks in the seat of his car, so he would find them this morning before work :)


  1. I found your blog from the link up! I LOVE what you did for your hubby this morning! I try to write my husband and not everyday for work with something encouraging and a bible verse. (:
    UH.. I just moved to Alabama from California and I am ready to move back.. this humidity is unbearable!


  2. I found your blog from the link up! Your letters are so sweet and your blog is adorable :) I can't wait to read more!