Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Never Thought...

I never thought... I would marry a blonde-headed guy. I always preferred brunettes ;)

I never thought... I would have 3 kids by the age of 23. We had them young and fast. Hey, at least I am "young" enough to enjoy them, right??

I never thought... I would become a "cat person." I never liked cats. I said I would never have one as a pet. Now we have our kitten, Molly. That little furball stole my heart! :)

I never thought... I would start sounding like my Mom. I hear myself saying things she used to say to me when I was growing up. That is some freaky stuff right there! ;)

I never thought... I would enjoy shopping for my kids more than myself. I wear a lot of the same things over and over, but Rachel seriously has enough outfits that she probably won't wear all of them before the season is over (I hang my head in shame! ;)

I never thought... I would finally realize what true friendship is. At this stage in my life I have some awesome friends. I really do. They are there for me whenever. They support me. I can confide in them, trust them with my secrets, and cry on their shoulders.

I never thought... Obama would become president. And I don't say that because I am racist (not at all.) I am just a pretty conservative Republican and didn't want to think about it!

I never thought... I would experience some of the hardest times in my life, at such a young age. I have been hit hard over the years, starting around age 18. But I have gotten through, some how. Those experiences made me who I am today.

I never thought... I would give up drinking. I do not drink any alcohol anymore. Its been about 4 years since I've had any. I used to drink too much when I did drink, and it caused me to make some very poor decisions. I realized that anything that made me do things like that was very dangerous and sinful so I gave it up.

I never thought... I would one day be taking medications to affect my mental mood. A therapist once told me I have basically suffered from anxiety my whole life, and I just never knew what to call it. I just thought I was a strange, worrisome kid! ;) Feels good to know that I am not alone in this. And I am feeling a lot better these days.

I never thought... I would get sucked into the "Hunger Games craze." When I first heard about it I had no interest in it really, it didn't sound like something I would like at all. Now I am almost finished with the second book, and can't wait to start the third one.

I never thought... I would be planning a Justin Bieber birthday party for my almost-6-year old daughter. She has got a crush, BAD! She heard about him from girls at her school and in her scout troop.. I am NOT the one who introduced her to him! She reminds me of myself when I was crushing over Jonathan Taylor Thomas and the Backstreet boys. Ah, memories ;)

I never thought... I would go to bed so early when becoming a mom. I never knew that some days I would literally be craving sweet sleep!

I never thought... that being a Stay-at-Home-Mom would be the hardest job anyone could ever have (and don't let anyone tell you differently!) But it is so, so rewarding :)

I never thought... I would be wondering when my brother will someday have kids. I know it'll probably still be awhile, but i am excited. I want another neice or nephew to spoil!! And as everyone knows, "The best sisters get promoted to Aunts!" ;)

I never thought... I'd be thinking about going back to college at this stage in my life. I got side-tracked earlier on, but I want to go back and get my degree. I want to have a job that is fullfilling (and making more money for our family won't hurt either! ;)

I never thought... I would start to have such a close, meaningful relationship with God. This past year has changed who I am, for the better. I went through some ROUGH times, but God got me through. I started attending church more during those times, and reading my Bible more (those things were not accidents!) I even got baptized last November to show outwardly my new life. It has been a great experience.

I never thought... I would finally get to a place where I accept myself and can embrace who I am. I am happiest right now. Sure, times can be tough (really, really tough) but I am surrounded by people who love me and love me for WHO I AM. That makes me so happy :)

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