Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday afternoon is when we got back from our trip. We had turned off our air conditioning when we were gone so that we wouldn't use as much power. When we came back in the thermostat was almost 90 degrees in the house.. so it was HOT! We decided to go out for the afternoon the let the house cool down some. We went up to the mall and ate lunch at Chick Fila. That's Rachel's absolute favorite place and we hadn't been in awhile, so it was perfect. They got "Little Critter" books in their kids meals... I love Little Critter! Remember them from when I was little too :) Then we went downstairs to the play area and let the kids play for awhile. While they were playing and Arnold was watching them, I slipped away to Gymboree for a minute. They were having their "Red Balloon Sale" which is when they put out a lot of their older stuff they never sold, and its crazy cheap. I only looked through the front bins, but I got a few things. I found a few pairs of underwear for Caleb for $2 or $3 each. They are GREAT quality and have the cutest designs! And I am going to put Caleb in cute undies as long as he will let me ;) I also found some butterfly hairbows for Brooke for $1.99! I love their hairbows, too.. the girls have a TON of them :) After the mall we went to Rita's. You know I was having some withdrawals after not being there that week! ;) And how sweet of them.. they even had one of my favorite flavors on the list that day.. Island Fusion. The kids tried their newest flavor "Sour Patch Kids".. I don't care for the sour so I wouldn't get that, but more power to them! And lastly that afternoon we went to pick up Molly from my friend Erika's house. As soon as we opened the door she ran outside the house. I guess she was trying to escape the dogs she had had to hang out with all week ;)

Saturday morning we got up and went driving around to a few yardsales. I don't know what is up with this year, but they haven't had ANY decent yardsales. At least not that I have found. I usually find at least a few really good ones during the summer where I stock up on kids' books and sometimes toys and clothes. Oh well. It was good just to get out for awhile. We then stopped by McDonalds and got icecream. I didn't even know they sold icecream that early! The McDonalds near our house doesn't do chocolate dipped cones but this one we went to did, so I was able to finally get one! :) Then we stopped by Jitterbugs which is a local kids' cosignment store. They are already putting out fall and winter stuff.. isn't that crazy?! So all their summer stuff was on sale. I got a few things for really cheap. Then I found a spelling toy thing, and I am going to save that for Brooke's birthday.. I think she will really like it.

Saturday evening Arnold and the band had a gig to play at someone's birthday party. So i decided to invite over a few friends and their kids for a nighttime playdate. I ordered some pizza and got some chips and dip and some juice boxes for the kids. My friend Erika brought over homeade brownies... they were SO good. I have a weakness for brownies ;) The kids had a blast playing together, but I don't know what I was thinking having that many kids over at the house at once! They were all sugared up and running around and going nuts. Some of the kids were playing light sabre fights, some were chasing the kitten around, some were just randomly rolling around on the floor.. it was quite a sight, haha. At one point Molly ran into my bedroom and under the bed, to hide from the kids ;) But it was still a great evening. Everyone stayed until around 9pm and then when they went home I put my kids to bed and got to have some quiet time all by myself to read. It was great--- I am finally reading "Catching Fire" and I really love it so far! I can never seem to stay away long enough to read more than few chapters.

Sunday morning I was supposed to work in the baby classroom at church at the 9:30 service. But I overslept and so needless to say we didn't make it to church. I think that set the tone bad for our whole day. It was not a very good day. Our dryer ended up dying. We have figured that what happened is that it worked too hard and too long and finally gave out. It is a smaller sized dryer and is always running, because we have the laundry of 5 people so it is ALWAYS running. It has been making a strange squeaking sound for the past few weeks and I guess it finally decided to give out. Of course at the time though I had a few loads of very wet clothes, so thankfully both Arnold and my parents' said we could come over and dry them in their dryers. Never realized how much I relied on that thing until now!

That afternoon I went to my friend Amanda's baby shower. She is due in September with a little baby boy :) I took Brooke with me because she asked if she could go.. she loves doing stuff with "the girls." :) They had a moroccan theme and everything was so neat! They had beautiful decorations and lots of good food. I even tried dolma.. which is grape leaves stuffed with either beef of rice (I THINK that's right, I don't remember exactly what Amanda told me) I usually don't venture out and eat stuff out of my "comfort zone" so I was proud of myself. It was actually pretty good! :) They had a belly dancer come out as the entertainment! I had never heard of that at a shower but it was really neat. The girl did a few dances to music, then invited anyone up to join her and dance. Everyone was dancing and having such a good time. (I think the alcoholic punch they had had a lot to do with some of the lowered inhibitions ;) I took a bunch of pictures of everyone dancing (I did NOT dance.. and Brooke didn't either.. she said she was too shy ;) They gave everyone these things called "shimmies" that you tied around your waist and they jingle when you walk around or dance. We got to take them home with us as favors, so that was really neat. I got a blue one and Brooke got a turquoise one. I got to see some old church friends while we were there too, so that was neat. It was an awesome shower, and I'm so excited to meet Amanda's baby boy soon! :)

My friend Jackie holding Molly. She was laid back sleeping. It was hilarious to see. She is SO spoiled! (Molly, not Jackie ;) Hehe.

Chris and Caleb. They had fun playing together Sat. night.

Kaitlyn and Brooke. When did our girls get so big?!

Erika and Crystin. Crystin is 35 weeks pregnant! She is due with baby Liam in August. I can't wait to meet him! I am glad she came out to hang out with us Sat. I know she is miserable these days!

Brooke hanging out at Amanda's baby shower on Sunday

Amanda and the belly dancer! Isn't Amanda beautiful?! I never looked that good when I was pregnant! No fair! I was a sweaty, hot mess! 

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