Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can you Relate??

Why is it that... Brooke has already lost 6 teeth but Caleb hasn't lost one yet??

Why is it that... food tastes SO much better when I am trying to diet and lose weight??

Why is it that... the kids look just like their daddy, when I did all the work (ha!)??

Why is it that... school supply lists are getting SO long? I will go broke just on two kids!

Why is it that... 90 percent of my money goes to the kids? And I get nothing? ;)

Why is it that... all my friends having babies are having boys?? Season for boys!

Why is it that... I love reading blogs and love peeking into other people's lives??

Why is it that... when I finally grow up and appreciate my brother he moves away??

Why is it that... I am addicted to the "teen mom" shows? They are so trashy.

Why is it that... I keep buying books when I already have a pile of them to read??

Why is it that... I care so darn much what other people think??

Why is it that... I wish summer away but then cry on the first day of school??

Why is it that... I am thinking of halloween costumes for the kids already??

Why is it that... when I actually think of things I need I don't have the money for them??

Why is it that... when I am dressed up I see no one. See people and I look horrible??

Why is it that... the "fast cash" at my ATM doesn't offer an $80 option?? What???!

Why is it that... I forgot to make Rachel her 3-year dr appt? I usually am on top of that.

Why is it that... I clean up a room and it immediately gets trashed again by kids??

Why is it that... when I finally get a free day/date night I am too tired to enjoy it??

Why is it that... when I owe $$$ plus 2 or 3 cents at the register, my change is in the car??

Why is it that that... the kids have already forgotten their Christmas gifts by January??

Why is it that... my hair never looks "just right" when I have somewhere important to be??

Why is it that... all the radio stations are on commercials at the same time??

Why is it that... I get sucked into Pinning on Pinterest and can't seem to get off there??

Why is it that... no one answers the phone when you have really exciting news??

Why is it that... I used to want to be an adult so badly and now I am re-thinking that??


  1. I've noticed that everyone is having boys lately! What's up with that? haha! I'm addicted to all the Teen Mom shows too. Joel gets so mad at me for watching that stuff. In my defense, he watches some crazy stuff too! I always care too much about what people think. It's a hard thing to stop! I always look horrible when I see people, but when I'm looking decent, I see no one. Oh, and when I finally fix my hair and dress cute, I get stuck out in a rainstorm just like all my Atlanta pictures. Terrible I tell ya! :)

  2. Oh how I can relate lol... Thanks for stopping by and following me. Following you now too :)

    Have a great week!