Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday morning I got up early and got a shower and ready for the day.. much earlier than usual.. sometimes I don't get my shower until later in the day! But we were expecting the Sears delivery guys to come out sometime between 8:45 and 10:45 to deliver our new dryer. I knew they hardly are EVER on time, so I spent the morning cleaning and waiting. But they actually showed up around 9:45.. so right within the time slot.. I was impressed! I had fogotten to put Molly up in the bedroom so she was running around and I had to chase her down. Where did she choose to run and hide? Behind the old dryer, of course! But I finally got her and put her up. The guys brought the dryer in, put it where we wanted it, had me sign something, gave me the hookup kit, and that was it. It was over really quick. Of course my kids had to gather around and make a commotion.. everytime someone comes up they act as if they have never seen a human being before, sheesh! A little later that  day my Mom came over to visit for awhile. I will never again tell the kids that she is coming over unless I am 100% sure of when she is coming, because they asked me for about 4 hours "is she here yet?!" and that can get REALLY annoying, really fast, as any fellow mom knows.

Friday evening was a nasty, rainy mess outside. It was pretty depressing actually! We wanted to get out and do something, so we decided to meet a few friends and their kids at the local Krispie Kreme to get donuts. They were celebrating their 75th anniversary and offering "Buy One Dozen and Get another dozen for just 75cents" deal, so it was a good excuse to go. Apparently everyone else in town had the same idea, because when we got there we had to park far away and lines both inside and in the drive-thru were wrapped around the building. Is it sad that the most exciting thing to do in our town on a Friday night is go get discount donuts with your family?! In case you are wondering, we don't have a very exciting town with lots to do.. we have to get creative ;) Anyway, I was driving the van that night and when I came into the parking lot I scraped the side of the van on the curb BADLY and then sort-of jumped back down. There was a lady walking into the building that was walking by us and I think she jumped about 2 feet... and apparently it was loud, because my friend Erika said she heard my arrival all the way inside! Oh well, they should make it easier to get into that freakin parking lot! Anyway, we did have a wait in line awhile, but the kids had a blast sitting and watching the donuts pass by on the conveyer belt. I felt bad for the poor workers, they were busy bees getting the donuts, packing them in boxes, and passing them on to the hungry customers. It was like the Black Friday of Krispie Kreme! They sold out of a lot of their "good" flavors pretty quick.. but I was still able to snatch a few with sprinkles for the kids. I prefer the good ol glazed donuts myself. Those things melt in your mouth and I could seriously eat a whole box myself! (but I'm glad I held back or I might have been puking!) It was a fun getaway that night.. and I'm glad we went.. especially since we had leftover donuts the next morning for breakfast!! (Hey, a little sugar never hurt anyone, right?!)

Saturday morning around 8:30 a local electrician came out to our house to set things up so we could actually use our new dryer. This time I was smart and kept the kids "locked up" in Brooke's bedroom (I was in there too!) We played paper dolls and I tried my best to use that time to clean out their toybox and get rid of things that shouldn't be in there. How do kids rooms get destroyed SO fast?! Since then I have tried to clean their room again 2 or 3 more times. Anyway, finally the guy was gone and we were able to use the dryer! We had to run an empty cycle like they said to get rid of the "new smell." Then we were finally able to dry our clothes again! Who knew it would be so exciting, ha! We got really caught up on laundry.. at one point we had a huge stack of fluffy, warm towels done and sitting in the kitchen. Nice to be back to "normal" around here. I really love the dryer.. it has a "fluff cycle" where it turns back on and "fluffs" the clothes if you don't get them out soon enough, to try and keep the wrinkles out. Well as someone who NEVER gets the clothes out on time, I LOVE this feature :)

Saturday evening my sweet hubby stayed here at home with the kids while I met my friend Natalie for a girls' night out. She is pregnant and had a ROUGH first couple of months, she was very, very sick and didn't get out to do anything much at all during that time. I felt so bad for her and tried to keep up with how she was doing, but it was hard. So she is starting to feel better (yay!) and suggested we go out for awhile. I was so happy to see her after so long, she is a good friend and I had really missed her. We sat in Barnes & Noble for an hour just talking and catching up (while eating yummy treats of course-- I had a rice krispie treat! :) She found out this past week she is having a boy and I'm so excited for her. Yall know I can't wait to go shopping and spoil yet another one of my friend's babies ;) After the book store we went over to the movies to see "Snow White and the Huntsman." Before we went in we got popcorn (I had bought my big refill bucket! and drinks/slushies) We got there right in time and missed all the previews and STILL was able to find a seat (don't know how we managed that!) Anyway, the movie was pretty good. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not but I actually enjoyed it. It was neat seeing a fairytale put to life on screen, and not in a cheesy, childish way. It was a movie that adults could actually get into. A few parts were kindof gross, but that was to be expected. Charlize Theron was Snow White's stepmom and she is beautiful.. but they made her look UGLY towards the end of the movie when she was being sucked of her youth and beauty.. pretty awesome ;) Kristen Stewart (twilight girl) was Snow White. We all know she is a horrible actor with exactly one expression so I was worried about that, but she did a pretty good job. I DID keep waiting for Taylor Lautner to pop out sometime in the movie (my man ;) but of course he never did. There were a few cute guys in the movie to enjoy though.. and a large tree troll... and dwarfs with bad hair... and strange-looking woodland fairies.. and mushrooms with eyes...... but I won't ruin the movie for you in case you want to see it ;) I had a great time with Natalie and we took our traditonal "hold out your arm as far as you can and take a picture" in the hallway before we left :)

Sunday morning we got up and got ready for church. Brooke was finally able to wear the new polka-dot dress I got her on my birthday-shopping weekend, and she looked so cute in it! We dropped the kids off and went down to service. Our church was staring a series of sermons called "50 Shades of Grey meets Song of Solomon." They were comparing the popular book out now with the story in the Bible (For those who don't know-- the 50 Shades book is a bestseller erotic fiction and the book in the bible is about how God intended sex and romance to be between married couples.) The sermons are supposed to be about how you can have incredible romance and sex within marriage, the way it was intended to be. And how you can get that in your own marriage. The first week was very interesting to say the least.. our pastor is young and hilarious, and I was cracking up most of the service. He once demonstrated a point using a cake and strawberry creamy icing.. you just had to be there! ;) I probably did my share of blushing too. I was always a pretty shy and modest girl. I went home and read the entire book in the Bible.. and it was pretty incredible. Like the pastor said "the stuff is right there in the Bible! I'm tellin ya!" It was good stuff.. I read it to Arnold later ;) The pastor also said we all had homework to do that evening.. and I can bet you all can guess what that meant! ;)

Sunday afternoon I did yet more laundry, and did the dishes (my most hated chore!!) while Arnold rested.. he had a sore throat and wasn't feeling well. I also got around to filling out birthday party invitiations for Brooke and Caleb's party, to give out to family. I wrapped some of their presents for next month, and was taking inventory of what I had already gotten them. I am pretty much done, but would love to still get Brooke one of the singing Justin Bieber dolls (much to Arnold's dismay!) I heard they have them at Walmart, so I am going on a search soon (have a friend who's daughter is also a Biebs lover! ;) I also read several more chapters in "Mocking Jay" and am really loving it. Probably isn't my most favorite in the series, but it is still good. That evening after the kids went to bed I had some blog time (reading OTHER people's blogs, my new obsession ;) and snacking on some pistachios. Luckily Arnold had bought the SMALL bag, or I would have gotten sick. I can eat and eat and eat those things!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

The kids waiting patiently on the donuts

My sweet Rachel

Two of my best friends, Jackie and Erika

Brooke showing off what the tooth fairy brought her. A new pack of flower earrings and a dollar. Can't believe I was able to slip that stuff under her pillow without her waking up!

Brooke in her new dress! She wore it to church Sunday morning. Her hair was cuter earlier in the morning.. she plays rough and ALWAYS messes it up! I promise I do brush my kids' hair! ;)

Me and my sweet babies on Sunday before church. This pic took 3 tries!

Arnold and his "mini me" Rachel. I love her cheesy grins! I am trying to convince Arnold to shave the mustache.. I don't like them at all!!!! ;)


  1. You always seem to have such fun weekends! Mine can be rather boring I guess since I'm so busy during the week. I'm kinda glad that I decided not to go get donuts now. That crowd would have freaked me out. I'm way too claustrophobic haha! Is it bad that I always love sprinkles on my donuts too? Yes, I'm 26 and love all things with sprinkles. I'm glad you're loving your new dryer. I'm always horrible about getting the clothes out right after they get finished drying. I get good use out of that fluff feature! I love Brooke's new dress, and Rachel is definitely Arnold's mini-me! She looks the most like him to me.

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for your comment on my book club post friday and for being a new follower! I saw below you're reading the last of the hunger games series? I read them over Christmas and really enjoyed them! Looking forward to being blog friends. : ]

  3. Good stuff Abster! Annnnnnd, you hate 'staches huh? Well I will be...