Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

~It's ok that... I really can't wait to escape to the Pregnancy Care Center tonight.. mostly to get away from the kids. They have been *awful* this week. Fighting, screaming, making huge messes.. basically seeing just how much I can put up with before going total ape-shit crazy. (Can you tell I'm frustrated?!) How many weeks of summer left????!

~It's ok that... I am really bummed out that "Magic Mike" is sold out for all showings, tomorrow! That is the movie the girls and I were going to see tomorrow night for my birthday. I guess I should have thought about that and bought tickets ahead of time.. totally my fault. Arnold says there must be a lot of "hard up" ladies in the area. Not far from the truth! Ah, I probably shouldn't be seeing the movie anyway... but dang...

~It's ok that... I like to shop occasionally at thrift stores now. I read blogs and see moms who get crafty with old things they find, and just give them a new coat of paint or something else to bring the life back! I want to be like that.. I need to find my inner-crafty chick!

~It's ok that... I totally cheated on my diet last night when I went over to my parents' house. Mom made me homade lasanga and rice krispie treats for my birthday dinner. I ate pretty good earlier in the day, just in preperation for it ;) If you can't splurge on your birthday, when CAN you.. right?!

~It's ok that... I told the kids we weren't going outside to play today because it's just too dang hot. They don't HAVE to play outside EVERY day, do they? ;) I am all for outside play, but I just loathe hot temps. Did everyone hear its supposed to get to over 101 degrees this weekend? Wow.. I guess we will be staying inside alot!

~It's ok that... I think I have decided to use a walmart giftcard I got for my birthday on "Catching Fire" (the next book in the Hunger Games series.) I am excited to read it! Thanks for the giftcard Meliissa! ;)

~It's ok that... I caught the kitten eating a few pieces of Kix cereal earlier this morning.. and let her. It won't hurt her right?? She was so cute sitting there crunching the little pieces :)

~It's ok that the shoes Brooke wore last night were total "Toms" ripoffs. Hey, they are cute, they were a lot cheaper, and she doesn't know the difference (for now! ;)

~It's ok that... I've been doing Wii Fit as my exercise, every day this week. I know it is low-impact and doesn't burn THAT many calories, but its still activity, right?! I haven't gotten the motivation to break out the Jillian Michaels dvd again... that woman is insane! (but she does make me feel the burn, that's for sure!!)

~It's ok that... I really get upset when people don't RSVP to things I invite them to. I know this is a busy world and there are more important things than me.. I totally get that! But I was always taught that you at least take the time to ackknowledge people (especially your friends!) When they take the time to think of you for something, the least you can do is tell them "yes" or "no" when it comes to the event. Invites on FB make it SOO much easier these days too.. you just click a button and that's it. No phone calls to make or rsvp cards to send it. So why is it so tough? When people don't let me know I feel totally let down and un-important. And I'm sorry for the rant today... and the total negativity.. but I had to get that out. I feel like I make an honest effort with things like that and I just like to get the same respect! :)


  1. Thank you! I felt it pretty much described me, haha ;)