Friday, May 27, 2011

23 Months!!

Rachel is now 23 months old (as of the other day)!! That means we are seriously on the countdown now, for her 2nd birthday! I have been waiting for this.. but also sort-of dreading it since she is my last baby. In other news, I HAVE booked her party venue, for sure now. Its going to be at the family life center at my parents' church. I am excited, and having a blast planning it, and finding all the owl details. we are expecting A LOT of people, and I hope it doesnt get crazy, but I am ready for the challenge!!

And now for a few things about Rachel at this point---

*She is still working on getting rid of the baby mullet! ;)
*She is in 3t clothes already, and size 6 shoes. (she can wear 4t in Carters tops!)
*Not sure of exact weight, but last time I checked she was 29 lbs.
*She is saying lots of new words every day. Her latest word is: "strawberry"
*She loves to give kisses and hugs now
*She will says I LOVE YOU (Comes out I WUV YOU) to us, sometimes without prompting! That just melts my heart every time!
*She still screams "SHUT UP" when she is frustrated, so we are working on that (haha)
*She is such a big girl and stays in nursery every week, without even a fuss!
*She is very into books, dolls, and Max & Ruby
*She loves to dance, and it cracks me up to watch her!
*She carries around a stuffed monkey.. it is her current "lovey"
*Her fave foods are mac & cheese and strawberries
*She asks for a "cookie" just about every single day
*No update on potty training.. she screams when I even put her on the potty!

Her custom Owl shirt someone made for her, for her birthday party! I love how it turned out! There is also a matching bow!

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