Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friday & Saturday

So i am way behind on updating from the weekend, so I am already blanking a lot on what happened, but I will try!

Friday morning I woke up with no motivation, I could have seriously sat on the couch all day and watched tv. While the kids were playing I decided to tackle our bedroom closet. It was an extreme mess, there was all sorts of stuff in there that didnt need to be in there. I got bags out and started throwing things out. As it started to look better and better I wanted to do more. I even made a big empty space to the right of the closet, where i stacked up boxes of presents/bday party supplies that I have bought ahead of time. They used to be stacked up on one of our dressers, and that was pretty tacky, so I am glad I solved that problem, at least. I also did an organization system (if you can even call it that) for my purses. Never done that before. They are all hanging on the right side now. I love it, I can now see where everything is! I am NOT an organized person by nature.. but I am starting to see why people like it so much ;)

That evening my sweet, sweet husband watched the kids for me so I could go on a GIRLS NIGHT to movies and dinner. I told him all I really wanted was a night out.. so I got it! It was great, but I write about that in another blog.

Saturday morning we all got up and went out yardsaling. I usually go with friends but I wanted to spend time as a family since I had gone out the night before. Arnold was really great about it, seeing as how he hates to take the kids a lot of places, especially riding around where they get bored and whiny! Well actually I take that back, they have come to enjoy it when we go, because sometimes they can rack up on nice toys.. especially Caleb. We have found some of the greatest deals for him. So we drove around forever and didnt so much of anything. At one yardsale Brooke really wanted to buy a doll, but I said no (because it was one of those dressed very inappropriate) and she threw a FIT. It was so embarassing. I havent seen her do that in a long time... she usually is very "mature." But things got better.. we eventually found one, they had some pretty nice clothes, and they happened to have a lot of things in girls' 4t, so I got some things for Rachel for later this year or next year. They actually let me fill up a whole bag for $2, so cant beat that! Caleb found a moving bulldozer with sounds, and I found Rachel one of those electronic singing books too, they were both 75cents. Let me just say, I didnt use to care too much about yardsale, but since having kids, depending on where you go, you can find a goldmine of stuff!! Seriously. Then we went to another, where Caleb found a nerf gun (what did i say about him and all the toys, lol) and I found some magazines.. I am a magazine junkie and this lady sold me a pile for 25cents. A few I actually found out I had read before, but alot of them were Family Fun mags, and i got a lot of good ideas from them.

Anyway, after we were done we went to Sonic for lunch. that has become a tradition, WHOEVER i yardsale with. Love the tots, and the ice they have (yes im weird) I always regret eating there after though, because the food can be so greasy.. but its soo good. That afternoon the kids took a nap while Arnold and I just hung around the house. We ordered out for dinner. Then after dinner we all took a walk around the block.. this is something we have started doing regularly, and I love it! we all get lots of exercise, and its fun being together.

I had a great Mothers Day weekend! And that stuff was all BEFORE the actual day!! :)

Doesnt look that wonderful, but believe me.. it is a HUGE improvement! and i can finally see where everything is!!!

The teapot I found my MIL, for her gift. She loves elephants. Isnt it cute???

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