Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Party at Buffalo Beals!!

Sunday the kids were invited to a birthday party for one of my friends' daughters, who was turning 5. The party was at Buffalo Beal's. It is this mini zoo-type place that has lots of animals, a playground, party area, etc. I had never been before, and It was really neat. Well Im just glad we got there in the first place.. we got lost a few times along the way. Thank goodness for Lauryn.. that girl can get me anywhere! Funny.. I called her and right then we saw the first sign for the place, so we ended up finding it anyway ;)

It was a HOT day and I was dying out there, but at least the weather was pretty. The kids were estatic over the animals.. they especially loved the llamas. We had to stop at each place and say hi to the animals before we made our way down to the party area. Then all the kids played for awhile on the playground. Then we had food and cake. The little girl had a Transformers party.. and when Caleb saw that he was GLUED to the party area.. practically drooling over the cake. I had to drag him away to go play. That kid really can get fixated on things ;) So we are all sitting there and a drink is spilled. Of COURSE it was my kid who spilled it. (Caleb) and of COURSE it was red drink that can potentially stain. And of COURSE it was spilled on the birthday girl, who then cried! That is just my luck! I felt awful. Anyway, the kids got their party favors too, and they were al Transformer-themed things like coloring bookes, crayons, bookmarks, cups, etc. Caleb and Brooke had to try out their cups that very night at dinner!

A little later in the party they were able to walk back around and see all the animals like before, and some they had missed. This time they got to take a bag of feed for the animals. They loved getting to hold their little hands out and actually give the animals some food. When we came through the first time the animals were actually looking at us like WHERE IS OUR FOOD?! haha :) I loved looking at all the animals, too.. I have always been an animal person. When we were done looking we were all burning up and exhausted, and lets face it-- ready to get on home. I really hope the kids appreciate these experiences we gave them.. because sometimes I just flat out almost lose it.. it was a long day, lets leave it at that!

Happy Birthday Morgan!!! :)

Brooke with the Sheep. Hand on the hip again!

Feeding the giraffe some yummy leaves :)

The kids found Llama LLama! But he wasnt wearing red pajamas? Lauryn said it was because of all the drama with his Mama! Where is his mama anyway?! Oh lord help me.. I am going to lose it one day, I read waay too many kids books! ;)

Ive said it before but this little guy is just plain adorable! Can I have one as a pet? Im sure the kids wouldnt object!! He kept moving his ears around when I talked.. I think he found me too loud.. just like Arnold does ;)

Getting ready to eat. The kids had animal plates.. my friend throwing the party saved the turtles just for us.. does she know us or what?!

Just wanted to share because I love this pic! Could she look any LESS like me and any MORE Like Arnold?! Oh well.. she is cute either way!! :)

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  1. Llama Llama has to much drama for this Mama !!! =)