Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Week in Review

Monday- It was my major cleaning day of the week (this place gets trashed during the weekend, with everyone home) So we just stayed around the house and didnt do much. I did have a rough day though.. the kids have really been testing me lately. That night Arnold made me some cookies (peel and bake but still!) and brought them to me in bed.. he is such a sweet husband :) He also ran out and got us some of those new Strawberry Lemonade freeze drinks from Mcdonalds, which were good, but sooo sweet. They gave me serious indegestion later.

Tuesday- That evening we took the kids to Rita's for some treats, to help support a Mom's group Im in. From 4-7 that night, a certain percentage of the proceeds went to them. I had never been there before. We all got some of the italian ice. I got lemonade, and it was soo good! I love icy things to begin with. Brooke got cherry, Caleb got watermelon, and I honestly cant remember what Arnold got! I tasted a little of Caleb's.. his was LOADED with sugar. And you could tell.. before we even left he was bouncing off the walls. At one point I actually saw him slapping himself on his face, for fun.. so yeah.. LOL. After that, me being the nice wife I am, agreed to going to dinner at Village Inn, since it was right across the street (Arnold's absolute favorite restaurant!!)

Wednesday- Many of you know that my Sister-in-law Jenn, went to Charlotte to have surgery on her thyroid. So all day of course I was thinking of her! Right around lunchtime our power went out. Just went right out.. just like that, it wasnt storming or anything, but it had the night before. After awhile it got HOT in the house. We tried going outside but it was just as hot. So we called Arnold's mom and asked her if we could come over for awhile, till Arnold got off work. So we hung out over there.. the kids got to see their cousin, Bekah too. That evening we were packing up bags, ready to go to my parents' to spend the night, when the power came back on!! We were so relieved. They had said not to expect it back on till the next day, so we were surprised. But happy to sleep in our own beds!!

Thursday- That morning I met a few friends at the mall early, to let the kids play. I like to try to do that once a week so we are able to get out and the kids had some social interaction (not to mention the moms!!) Caleb got to play with Camryn again.. they are so cute ;) And i got to have some snuggle time w/ Baby Ben! He loves his Aunt Abby ;) I stopped by Childrens Place and they had some great sales going on, including an extra 25% off their already marked-down stuff, so I found Brooke 2 of the cutest hoodies for this fall, for school. They were only $4.50 each! And I also got her another cute top.. just trying to decide what kind of pants to pair it with. Before we left we stopped by Subway to pick up lunch. I got bacon, egg & cheese sub and Caleb asked "mommy, why are you getting that AGAIN?!" I just had to laugh.. i really do get a lot of those, but they are so good! Then we went to see Arnold at work. The kids were being loud so we took them outside and ate lunch on the pavement.. we called it a picnic ;) Although I would have preferred to eat inside!

Friday- I spent the morning cleaning again. Since i had already cleaned out the closet, I decided to keep working on our room until it looked really good. I was very pleased after I was done. Then Caleb, Rachel and I met my mom over at Brooke's school and we had lunch with her. I cant believe that may have been the last time we eat lunch with her this school year! She doesnt have much longer at all.. and next year she will be in Kindgergarten *sob* But I am so proud of her. This entire year she has gotten a star every single day.. (they earn stars for good behavior) Why doesnt she act that way at home, is what I wanna know?! ;)

Dinner at Village Inn

They are being sweet to one another, had to capture the moment!

Rachel discovered that playing in a box is pretty fun! Even when she has lots of toys to play with. Proof that it doesnt take much to entertain a toddler ;)

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