Friday, May 27, 2011

Lauryn's Birthday Dinner

I hate I didnt get around to posting this earlier in the week, but it has been one of those weeks, so let me just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURYN!!!!

Lauryns bday was on Tuesday, and she had a birthday dinner for friends at El Paso that night. I went by and picked up Jenn and she rode with me. I love mexican food, but it has been bothering me lately, as it did that night, so Lauryn-- you better be glad you are worth it!!! haha, just picking. I had a taco salad, and it was really good.. thats actually what I got last time, too.. I guess I should try something new next time! Afterwards we ate some birthday cake, and then Lauryn sent the rest home with me "for the kids." But Arnold actually ended up eating it first. I took it home and he was like hmm, Im hungry, I think I'll eat this! So I guess he needs to thank Lauryn for sending it home ;)

It was a really fun evening, and great to get out and spend some time with the girls, and get a break.. and to celebrate a very good friend's birthday!!! :) The only thing that would have made it better is if we had had a nicer waiter! ;)

A group shot

Jenn and I.

Yummm, Birthday cake!! ;)

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  1. Thank you !!! I had a great time !! Yes our waiter was a jurk !! Maybe he got the hint when he got crappy tips LOL