Monday, May 23, 2011

Insanely busy Weekend!!

This weekend was soo jam-packed it was ridiculous!

Saturday morning I got up real early, went to pick up a friend, and we went yardsaling. We went to this HUGE yardsale at a local park, and I didnt know just how big it was going to be. When we got there, there were hundreds of people, and we had to park waay back in the grass, and then walk through a field of grass and part of the park before I got to it. It was so crowded I didnt look at everything, just a few things that caught my eye. I found a LOT of stuff for Rachel, I have already started buying fall clothes for her as I see them.. I found the cutest halloween dress, I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of it! I stopped by and saw Lauryn before I left, she was selling some things. Grayson was sitting out playing on a blanket beside the van.. my kids would not have done that well!! After that sale we went to a few more in town, and I found a few more things. Wasnt my best of days, but Id say it was worth it.

Then after the yardsales I ran home real quick, changed into a dressier outfit, and headed back out again. I had a babyshower to go to, for a good friend of mine from highschool. I hadnt eaten lunch yet and was going to be late, so I just ran by the drive through. I didnt want to eat some junky fast food b/c I had eaten too much junk lately, so I got a salad. Know how hard it is to eat a salad and drive?! Yeah.. but I was doing it! A few times I was afraid I was either going to crash into a car, or spill salad dressing all over my dress! I also had a 2-liter of sundrop in the car to take my anxiety pill which was almost due, and all my yardsale stuff in the back, along with the baby gift, which I hadnt yet put into the gift BAG yet. I seriously felt like I was living out of the car that day ;) I drove Arnold's car around all day because it is waay better on gas mileage! I am starting to love that.. I might just take it over every weekend ;)

I met up with another friend of mine at the babyshower.. Jess. She is due in just a few weeks, too! We went into the babyshower together. It was at a local coffee house.. I dont drink coffee so I just got some sweet tea. They played a few cute games, like match the baby animal with the mama animal (She stole that game from me when I threw Jess' shower, haha!) and guess how much toilet paper to go around the mama's pregnant belly. I was THIS close to getting it dead on, but was just a teeny bit short. I stayed as long as I could but I had to leave early, because after that I was going to a WEDDING. Yes, I know i am insane for going to so much in one day, but they were all friends of mine and I didnt want to miss anything. :)

So i met Arnold over at my parents' house.. Mom watched the kids for awhile while we went to the wedding. Thankfully it was just down the road at the church I grew up in! My friend Jessica's brother was getting married.. I have gotten to know his new wife over the past couple of months. Anyway, the wedding was BEAUTIFUL and Denise looked stunning! Was sweet to go back to that same church Arnold and I got married in, and watch another one. I love weddings.. always have. I love all the excitement that everyone is feeling and all the happy energy :) Everything went very smoothly except their photographer was late!!! Yes, seriously. If that would have happened to me, I would have flipped! The preacher came out and said the wedding would be delayed about 15 mins, and everyone stared buzzing about what was going on.. it was like something youd see on tv, ha ha! But at least it wasnt the bride or groom that were missing! Thankfully they had some family members there with really nice cameras, that stood up for them in their time of need! I wished we could have gone to the reception afterwards, but we had to go pick up the kids.

On the way home, we decided kind of last-minute to go to dinner at Dos Amigos.. we all love Mexican. We got there early so there was no rush.. I have a weird thing about eating before 5, but by the time we got the food, it was technically 5, so it was ok ;) I knew going in there that I might regret it later (gallbladder) and it did act up some. Ill be glad when I can eat again without pain!!

Sunday we got up and went to church. I thought we were going to be late, but it turns out that was a good thing, because we found a front row parking spot! The message was really good that morning.. we are on a series called "God Whispers", and its about how God speaks to people and tries to lead them in life, all to better their lives. It was a great message for me to hear, because Ive been dealing with some issues lately, and having a hard time making decisions.

That afternoon I went to a friend's baby shower. Her baby (Micah) has actually already been born, and so he was the guest of honor! everyone was passing him around and I eventually got to hold him, after being very patient! He was soo tiny, he was only 5-something pounds when he was born. I am not used to that tiny of a baby! All mine were 7-9+lbs. So i got my baby fix for awhile!

Danielle and baby Micah!

The girls in their matching dresses, ready for church. Rachel later ruined hers when she ate spaghetti :( Anyone know how to get out spaghetti sauce?!

Caleb made quite the mess too. Arnold called this his "5 oclock shadow" :)

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