Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of those Days!

So the first thing I noticed wrong yesterday morning was that I found Brooke's library books on her dresser.. which were supposed to be in her bookbag returned to school that day. Tuesday is library day for their class. This is not the first time Ive forgotten to return the books on the right day.. I get friendly reminders in her planner from her teachers, but I know they think Ive lost my mind. Hey i can blame it on having 3 young kids, right?!

I know I should have locked in the venue for Rachel's party a long time ago, but I am a procrastinator and I thought a certain park near our house would be perfect for it, and I didnt think much more of it, but then I found out they are having a soccer tournament that day!! So then I picked another park in the area, but Arnold pointed out that that park is the most crowded of them all, and no one would even be able to find our party, as big of a place it is. So then he got me all set on an indoor party, which he said would be way better, because of the heat. So my mom was calling their church seeing if I could rent out their big family life center. I was excited.. even thinking in my head how id decorate.. Then she calls back that they are booked that day. I call another place, and they said they dont even book parties there anymore. Yes.. I know I brought this all on myself.. and I should have booked somewhere ages ago.. summer is a busy time! So right now I am trying a few more places, hoping they are available. My last resort would be moving her party up a week.. but we will see. So anyone I was bugging with possible party changes.. that is why!

Ok so.. you guys can laugh at me or make fun of me.. whatever. But yesterday I was getting ready to run some water in a pot to make the kids lunch, and there was no water. Absolutely no water. When I thought about it awhile and then checked our bank account history online, I realized that I had!! For some reason I had thought that Arnold had paid it this time around, but I guess not. You always seeing stuff like that on tv shows and its funny, but not so funny in real life! Im just surprised it hasnt happened to me before since being married, with my horrible memory! We even had the big neon green sign taped to our mailbox that said "Sorry, we cut your water off!" Yeah.. im really sure they were sorry. I packed the kids up in the van and went to the water tower to pay the bill.. and wouldnt you know they were closed for lunch?! So i took the kids to get some lunch, and filled up the van with gas, and then went back. It was raining at that point, so the kids were getting wet as we were running in. Then they charged us a re-connection fee, so $128 later I was leaving.. with a promise that my water would be turned back on by the end of the day!! Meanwhile at home, I got creative with things, and realized how much I really DO rely on water. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer when we had to wash our hands ;) I have to give them credit.. it WAS turned back on pretty quickly. Poor Caleb... in the past week he has seen our power (not our fault!) and the water go out.. he must think we never pay our bills!!! ;) Hey, it can happen to anyone, right?? Just makes you more careful!

Yesterday evening Lauryn and I went to visit my sister-in-law who had surgery last week. Lauryn, out of the kindess of her heart, made them a meal. She made spaghetti pie, garlic bread, and an apple pie. Why couldnt she have made me some, too?! (LOL just picking Lauryn ;) I of course did NOT take a meal to Jenn. She had already suffered enough w/ the surgery.. she shouldnt have to eat my cooking too ;) I took a get well card that Brooke had made though. :) Jenn is doing a lot better and healing nicely, and I know she appreciates all the prayers!!!

Last night after the kids were in bed, Arnold made us some grilled cheese sandwiches as a snack. To be fair, we had had a light dinner, so I was hungry! And right after I ate, I had another gallbladder attack. They are very common and frequent for me now.. I am one step closer to getting the surgery, but I will write about that later.

Surprisingly I didnt let yesterday get me down too bad! Yeah it was dreary and chilly outside, I had quite a few incidents come up, a little pain, a little embarassment, and out some $$$ but I realize that it could have been worse!!!

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