Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family Cookout

Saturday evening we had a family cookout/get together with Arnold's side of the family.. and it was all held next door at Uncle Gene's house. How it came about was my Sister-in-law didnt get to attend our egghunt because she was sick, so she still wanted to let the kids get together. Well then other family members heard and it turned into a big thing, which was great though because we dont always get to see everyone as much as Id like..especially since we started going to a new church late last year.

Gotta love having family right next door.. we just had to walk over ;) We had hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, pickles, beans, strawberries, drinks.. the works. It was soo good. I ate so much and I could have probably eaten more! The kids ran around crazy and played. Caleb played with his cousin, Carter, who isnt too much younger than him. They were so cute to watch.. our family is FULL of girls.. so poor Caleb was always left out until Carter was born, and now I could see them becoming the best of buddies! Then Arnold went to the backyard to hide the easter eggs and the kids had their egg hunt. This felt like the hundreth egg hunt the kids had participated in. We just re-filled eggs they already had with some of the overflow of candy we had at home.. who cares.. they were going to get some right back anyway ;)

It was so nice just hanging outside that evening.. the weather could not have been nicer! It was so beautiful and warm, and just a perfect evening. I got really comfortable sitting around.. I need family around to help watch the kids like that every day ;) Rachel has a game now where she will smile at you and start backing up very slowly, then run as fast as she can into the road. Yeah.. pretty scary.. but at least our road isnt TOO busy and I can get her pretty quickly. I know she thinks its funny and shes starting to test me! Anyway, the evening ended with one of the neighbors' dogs getting loose and he comes running down the road and starts to pick a fight with ours dogs. Boy did that get everyone up out of their chairs quick! Here goes Arnold running after the dog, then Arnold's mom running after him yelling not to get in the middle of it, and Arnold's dad running with a pole trying to shoo the dog away. Thankfully our dogs were ok.. but it did scare me there for a minute! Needless to say that ended the evening.. LOL. But we had a great time.

Love this dress with the ladybugs..it was an ebay find for around $5!!

Typical Brooke these days.. everytime I take a pic she puts her hands on her hips ;)

Brooke and Bekah swinging.. I love that they get to see so much of each other!

Yes, Caleb always smiles this big for pictures. I dont know why?! Hes wearing his new Batman shirt he got Friday in Asheville. I didnt really like it b/c I thought it was too "blah" but it sort of looks vintage and its cool, so its growing on me :)

Rachel hanging out in a lawn chair eating strawberries :) My kids could eat these ALL DAY LONG if they could. Brooke has eaten so many shes gotten sick before!

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