Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mid-Week Brain Dump!!

1. First of all, if you are wondering why this post doesnt have any pictures, its because I cant find my camera cord. Say it isnt so!! I am so tempted to go on Amazon and buy another one (they are cheap) but it has to be around here somewhere, so Ill probably look some more first.

2. I hit 4,000 blog view this morning! Wow, you people must be really bored to read about our lives. Haha, just picking. I really do love to write.

3. Monday evening I went to the mall to walk around with Joanne. We walked around alot and got some exercise, and shopped some too. Well i didnt technically buy anything, so I am proud of myself! She brought Ben along and he was bright-eyed and watching everything we did.. he is such a cutie! I got to hold him for awhile and feed him.. then I picked him up and he spit up allll over my shirt. Joanne kept apologizing but I am so used to it! Yes I had a spot on my shirt, and yes I smelled like milk, but did it keep me from going into another store later?? No :)

4. Speaking of other stores.. Target is where I went after Joanne went home. I needed to go there to get the GC for one of Brooke's teachers, and I ended up browsing for quite a while. I dont think Ive EVER gone to Target and left without SOMETHING. Most of you know I am quite the Target junkie and Arnold cringes when he knows I have been there ;) I found myself in the Easter clearance section again, which had gone 90% off! Most if it was wiped out.. but I did find 2 bags of candy for 74cents that Ive already broken into, and 2 egg-dying kits for next year (one princess, one Star wars) for 24cents each.. so not bad! I also found some sandals for me, and a shirt for Caleb that I loved (it was on clearance.. so once again.. not too bad ;)

5. Tuesday I met a few friends at the mall and we let the kids play. Caleb is a STRANGE kid.. I joke and say he is going to be a couch potatoe, but thats not really funny.. the kid WOULD sit and watch tv all day long if you let him. Of course I dont.. And sometimes he just wants to sit at the play area, and not run around like the other kids (I told you--weird!!) But my friend Crystin's daughter asked him to chase her while we were there and boy did that get him up out of his seat! They then ran around and chased each other, giggled and had the greatest time. So THANK you to Camryn for making sure Caleb got some exercise ;) After that, Caleb even shared some of his crackers with her.. I think he just might have found himself a "girlfriend" ;)

6. After that we went to Ollies, to find a book for Brooke's class. Caleb threw the worst tantrum while we were there and embarassed the crap out of me!! Everyone was staring at us-- I just hate that, what does that really accomplish?! Do they think he will magically stop crying when they stare at him?! I was trying so hard not to lose my cool.. I felt like crying myself. The 2s werent that bad for us, but the 3s certainly have been! Forget the Terrible 2's, I think the 3's are way worse! For us at least!!

7. Today was Letter U day at school for Show and Tell.. and I was racking my brain trying to figure out what Brooke could take in. She ended up taking in a picture of her Uncle Alex! It was actually a pic of Alex and me on my wedding day. We both looked so young!!!

8. I had the weirdest dream last night.. part of it was scary, part of it was downright strange.. I wont get into it, I dont even know if I could explain it!! I woke up and then it was storming.. kind of fit the mood. I hate bad dreams! Hadnt had one in a long time..

9. Caleb tasted grits today for the first time. He did not care for them. He ended up spitting a lot out and making a mess. I for one LOVE grits. Ok this was random.. I know..

10. My dad had so kindly volunteered me to make a cake for the Mothers Day lunch this Sunday at their house. He knows that I "LOVE" to cook and so he likes to pick on me. However, I have decided to take on the challenge, so I am trying to figure out what to make. Anyone have any good recipe ideas for me????

11. I am signing Arnold and Brooke up for a Father/Daughter dance our church is having, at the end of the month. I think it will be absolutely precious!! I didnt know how Arnold would feel about it when I told him.. but he loved the idea! I think Brooke will have a blast, she loves to dress up. I am now in the process of figuring out what the two of them can wear.....

12. I spent a lot of today cleaning out things.. my FB friends list of people I never talk to. Closets. Bookshelves. As a matter of fact, deep down in the bookshelf I found one of Brooke's old library books, that we thought was lost forever and we already paid for it! I had looked and LOOKED for that thing. They will refund us though, which is good. I am just amazed I found it. Proof that it is good to periodically clean things like that out. I got rid of a lot of clutter.. go me!! :)

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  1. I have the perfect cake for you... so simple and so delicious! It's called Butterfinger's the recipe:

    Yellow cake mix
    1 can sweetened condensed milk
    1 jar caramel topping
    3-4 Butterfinger candy bars
    Cool Whip

    Bake the cake mix according to the package. While hot - poke holes all over it.(I just use a fork...lots of holes) Mix together the sweet milk and caramel and pour over cake. Crush up the butterfingers and spread on top. Allow to cool and refrigerate. Once completely cool - top with cool whip.