Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Girls' Shopping Trip

Like usual, Ive gotten behind again!!!

Friday evening I went out shopping with Lauryn!!! Ive said it a million times before.. but.. YAY for Girls' Nights! We met at China Garden Buffet for dinner. Brooke absolutely loves that place, so I felt guilty going without her.. I didnt tell her about it.. shhh!! Then we went over to Party City to look around at party stuff. I got a few things for Brooke's graduation party the next day and I was hoping to find big packs for lollipops for something im wanting to do for Rachels party, but didnt find any. I did find huge packs of cups that matched her party colors though.. so thats one more thing marked off the list!!

Then we went over to Kohls. It is just not a trip out with Abby and Lauryn unless you go to Kohls (same with Target usually). I was looking for a skirt to go with Rachels owl shirt for her party.. but they were all out of her size. Meanwhile.. i DID find the cutest dress for Rachel.. that I bought on impulse. I had saw it, loved it, and put it back on the rack.. but then when Lauryn saw it and loved it too it was like I had to get it.. Bad, bad Lauryn.. youre a bad influence!! ;) I also picked up Arnold a water bottle.. so romantic right? But if you knew youd understand.. he has started going back to the gym on a regular basis.. and he didnt have one so he has been taking my big orangey-colored water bottle with flowers on in and says LIFE IS GOOD across the side. Poor thing.. even got made fun of by his dad ;) So.. I am throwing that in with his fathers day present.. hope he will appreciate that ;)

Next we went to Target. How many times Ive been there this past month.. Ill never tell! I wasnt really looking for anything in particular in there, just browsing. But I dont think ive EVER come out of there without buying SOMETHING. True for that night too! They had a lot of stuff on clearance, and I ended up buying a 2-pack bottles of Windex. So random, right?! Well I needed some... and it was cheap... so... And Lauryn ended up buying some multi packs of shampoo, AND she had a coupon on top of that! (Did i mention she had her coupon binder with her that night?? Yeah we know how to have fun on a Friday night ;) While she was browing for diaper deals I went to the CD section and they had the latest Brad Paisley cd out, and it was on sale, so I threw that in the cart for part of Arnold's Fday present, too. Sheesh... I go out to shop and buy buy buy for him and the kids, but not much for me.. but I guess i like it that way ;) Cant beat the other deal they had going on.. Free $5 Target GC if you bought the cd.. so in a way it was good for me too ;) AND when we stopped to browse through the kid/baby section, I found a bright pink skirt that will match perfectly with Rachels owl shirt. SOOO.. Id say that Target trip was a success!!

After we left Target we were trying to figure out what to do.. There is this place called Ritas, that serves italian ice, and ive only been once, but i LOVED it.. and have been wanting to go back ever since. Its pretty far out of the way of where I usually go, so I havent found an excuse to go. But Lauryn wanted to go too.. so we went and had a "date" :) One of the night's featured flavors was PINA COLADA!!!! so I was in heaven.. it was sooo good. Some of you may know, that back in my party days, that was one of my "drinks." I have since given up alcohol consumption.. partly because of the meds I am on, and partly because of my own personal convictions about alcohol now.. But anyway, it was a nice fruity treat for a hot night ;) On the way back to the can I nearly slipped and fell.. but caught myself just in time. That would have been embarassing! I am a walking clutz.. seriously. I have bruises all over my legs at any given time.. just like a kid might who plays outside a lot, and trips and falls. oh well, its all good! Arnold and my friends love me even despite all my "quirks" :)

The last stop of the night was to CVS. (once again.. I say.. we are WILD!!!) We browsed through the card section looking for Fathers Day cards. I also found a graduation card for Brooke's "boyfriend" that says "HAPPY GRADUATION, TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEEPS" and has a chick on the front with a graduation cap on it!!! Loved it, and had to get it! Then we went on search for the CHEAP DETERGENT!!! What is that you might ask? Well CVS had their Purex bottles marked down to $1.98 this past week, and they made you limit 4 a day, but you could keep going back.. so.. LOL. But of course they were out!!! But we made sure to get "rainchecks" where you can go back and get them when they are in stock, for the sale price from before. And before we left, we saw lots of clearanced batteries on an endcap. They were Energizers and nothing wrong with them at all.. marked down to $2 a pack. I didnt even think we needed batteries at home currently, but for that price I scooped a few packs up. Brooke is always going through batteries on her Leapster. And wouldnt you know it?? Lauryn had a coupon.. so... she got them even cheaper!! (Half of this Im joking around, half im really excited about :P

I had such a good time. So to sum up.. I had wanted to go out birthday shopping for Rachel. I spent 4 hours out, and only ended up buying: CUPS. everything else I guess was "impulse buys." But i had a lot of fun, and it was so relaxing after another crazy week with the kids! Thanks for the company Lauryn! Love ya! :)

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  1. I had a great time too !! I only buy if I have a coupon LOL