Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Sunday morning Arnold let me sleep in. I slept till 9:30!!! It was heavenly. Sometime in there he brought me breakfast in bed.. I ate it, sat the plate down and went right back to sleep. Dont you wish all days could be like that?! ;) When i got up I helped get the kids ready.. he had put the kids in outfits already and bless him, they just werent appropriate. Brooke had on a fall/winter dress, and Caleb had on an outfit that didnt match at all. So I dressed the girls in some smocked dresses for church.. I cant tell you how much I love them! Somehow we ended up running late and didnt get time to take pictures outside before we left.. which made me sad.. but we were able to get some later!

We got to church and dropped the kids off. The place was packed that morning!! it was a great service as usual, and I enjoyed the music selections that day. Thinking about everything we've gone through in the past few years, along with it being mothers day and me thinking about my mom, and me being the mom of 3 wonderful kids.. I got teary eyed on several occasions. I love the morning I am really moved in church, and I didnt have that before, in older churches. I am so thankful for our new church home, and for God's unending love! But point made-- PMS and Mothers Day apparently dont mix-- I was a weepy fool all day long ;)

After church we went to my parents' house for lunch. Another thing I am thankful for-- a dad who can COOK! He cooked just as much as my mom growing up, and he is a good cook. He cooked mom and I (and everyone, but we were the special ones ;) a big lunch. We had ham, roasted asparagus, mac & cheese with bits of lobster added, deviled eggs, fruit, rolls, and tea. I am spoiled!!!! Most of you saw on FB how I was looking for recipes for a cake to make for lunch that day. My dad always picks on me and asks me to bring a cake to lunch (since he knows I hate cooking) and this year I said fine!! i will do it.. and I did. I chose a recipe called "Butterfinger cake" which was basically yellow cake, caramel poured all over it, and crushed butterfingers on top. Yes, it was rich, and too sweet for me, IMO. But i was proud of how good it turned out, and it DID taste good! My parents liked it, and my brother and Arnold even went back for seconds ;) Dad said now I will be the designated cake-maker for family events.. yeah.. i just dont see that happening!

After lunch we gave mom her gifts. Arnold and I had gotten her a Barnes & Noble giftcard (the love of reading was passed down to me from both parents) and I found a cute Mom wall hanging that was so funny, I wish I had written down the saying so I could post it here.. but it was great.. even dad laughed. The kids gave her a "Grandma" gift book and we did photo cards, with their pics on it. I think it turned out really cute! Then we all played outside for awhile. The kids uncle Alex played tag with them.. it was soo cute to watch them run around the yard squealing with delight.. they love him so much! We played a few games, too.. and Caleb and Rachel "tortured" the poor cat.. they are always following her around and Rachel tries to pull her tail. We are working on "GENTLE" with her ;) Mom and I sat on the front steps and talked for awhile. It was a good afternoon, and I couldnt have asked for more beautiful weather!!

That afternoon when we got home, the kids took naps and I went out to a local consignment store. For mothers day they had sent out emails with 25% off coupons, to be used on Mothers Day only. Not like the kids need anymore clothes, but the coupon justified me buying more I guess.. I have a strange addiction to kids' clothes!! On the way up there I was feeling pretty nervous and having some anxiety.. I have no idea why. I called Arnold back at home and he actually talked to me until I got there.. having someone to distract me can usually help me fight off a panic attack. Thankfully I felt better when I got home and took my meds. Like i have said before, I have good days and bad days. More days are GOOD than bad recently though, so I cant complain!!

That night we ate dinner here at home, then went over to the inlaw's house. My inlaws gave me a beautiful hanging plant for outside, and a card. We gave MIL her gift.. which was a beautiful elephant teapot I had found.. MIL loves elephants so I thought it was a good gift. I was almost tempted to keep it for myself, it was cute! ;) And we did the same "grandma" gifts for her that we had my mom. My MIL loves a good deal, and had gone to CVS earlier that day and picked up a lot of clearanced Easter candy, which included some HUGE swirly suckers. So the kids all feasted on suckers while we were there, along with strawberries. Thank goodness they had already had their dinner!!

So.. Mothers Day 2011 was a wonderful one!! I had a girls' night, time with family, my new rainbows from Arnold, Brooke was able to write her name in my card for the first time this year!!! I love my family, and cant wait till next year ;)

She is so beyond obsessed with princess stuff these days!

Photo cards we made for the Grandmas this year--cute!!

Mom and I :)

Me, Mom, Alex, and Caleb

The famous butterfinger cake! ;) So here is proof it actually got eaten.

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