Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Ok so! Planning for Rachel's party next month is in full swing! I am having a LOT of fun planning it, and I plan to do lots of fun things because this is the last "baby" party I will have and I fully intend on enjoying it!!!

Most of you already know, it is an OWL theme. Not the most common to find stuff for, but I was surprised how much I DID find online, and ideas from other people. So let me share some ideas I have for her party with you.. and PLEASE let me know if you have any other ideas for me!! I know a lot of people that are very creative and could probably give me some more good ideas, so feel free to share ;)

I got these stickers to go on the actual birthday invitations...

This is the theme we are going with, found it on oriental Trading. Love the colors! I think it will be easy to find stuff to go with it as I go along...

Lauryn told me about someone on FB who makes customized shirts for birthday and other occasions so I asked her to make me a shirt with a owl, and Rachels name on it! This is obviously not it, but I am using this pic as a reference. I cant wait to see it when shes done!! Now i cant decide if I want to pair it with a tutu or a simple skirt, but Im pretty sure its going to be pink!

How cute are these?! Im sure these would be easy to make, if I could just find some solid colored laterns. Id leave the face-making to Arnold, he is pretty artistic ;)

I LOVED this! Carved out of a watermelon! that took some skill! How hard do you think that would be? Would make a cute decoration, and could technically be eaten too.. but I dont think I could!

These cupcakes look really easy to make! Im probably going to do cupcakes AND a cake this year.. because we are having a lot of people... I notice the beaks are made out of nuts though.. that might be a problem w/ little kids and allergies.. I will have to think on this one a little...

Now to decide on a bakery cake or a Sams cake? I know bakery is soo much better but a lot more expensive. Arnold isnt too keen on the idea, so we'll see ;) If so, Id want a layered cake, like this one. Probably not with the bow though.. any other topper ideas??

If it is a Sams cake it will be a flat sheet cake, which would still be cute. Their cakes taste pretty good, too! I would have to find a pic for them to use though, because they dont have "owl cakes" on their list of things to do ;)

This is the pinata I have.. the actual one.. for the kids to do at the end of the party. I found it a few months ago at a consignment sale, for $5 brand new!! It is online for $18, so what a bargain! Its in Rachels closet now, just waiting. Its so adorable..

I found owl craft kits online and bought them. For some reason it wouldnt let me copy the actual picture.. so this is just a guide.. but these look pretty easy to make and cute, too! I am going to have a craft/coloring table set up for the kids, too! Looking for other ideas for activities....

Im getting this lollipop mold off Amazon and going to make Owl suckers as part of my favors. I hope they will turn out cute. I have done lollipops in the past for baby showers and stuff.. So i halfway know what Im doing ;)

Kinda hoping they will look like this when I get done... but we'll see. These are cute!!

Not sure what Im going to put the kids' favors in.. but these bags are a cute idea I found...

So there ya go! My ideas so far! Thoughts? This was going to be outside, but I ran into some issues w/ parks this time of year, so I am now trying to rent out the Family Life Center at my parents' church as a place to have the party. If anything.. COOLER indoors, and easier to decorate :)


  1. hey1 I came across your blog from a google search! I too am actually doing an owl theme for my daughter's first birthday! LOVE your ideas!!! I'm still on the fence, but I think we may have an "owl egg" hunt?? Like easter egg hunt, but call them owl eggs??? Figure I could find eggs cheap now after Easter ;) I got the litte kids covered with chalk/bubbles/ etc, but need actvities for older kids!

  2. Abby how about candy corn for the cupcake beaks? Love the owl stuff its adorable!

  3. Hi to "The Wimberly Family" Sorry.. i dont know your actual name ;) I found all the ideas online just by searching "owl birthday party".. I hope you guys have a great party, too! LOVE the egg idea, that is very creative.

    And i actually saw pics of cupcakes with the candycorn as noses, that is a great idea.. but they dont have it out this time of year, do they??