Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Girls' Night Out!!

Like i had mentioned before, I told Arnold one of the things Id like for mothers day was to get out for the night and spend time with some of my friends. So we planned to go to the movies and dinner. There were 5 of us: me, Erika, Kathryn, Tiffany and Danielle.

When Arnold got home from work Friday afternoon he said he wanted to go to the gym so he would just take the kids with him to the kid watch and of course I didnt complain! I actually went into my bedroom, blasted the radio, and started getting ready. Was fun! ;) Then i left the house a little while later, and on my way down the road, before I even got on the interstate, a lady started pulling off the exit ramp and just didnt see me at ALL or something, and got about a few INCHES from hitting me! I was about to be t-boned, bigtime. I laid down on my horn, and that caught her attention. Everyone around us was looking, there was a lot of traffic. I looked to my right and saw another lady with her mouth and eyes wide open lol.. I could tell she was thinking the same thing I was. Luckily I was able to slam on my brakes and sort of swerve over, so she didnt hit me. After that I was just all shook up, and when I got to Target I just walked around aimlessly and didnt have much fun shopping.. that NEVER happens at Target! Thankfully as I was leaving, I happened to run into Erika shopping too, and so we were able to hang out the rest of the time before the movies. Who says things dont happen for a reason? I really need a friend right about then!

We met the other girls at the movies a little while after that. We went to see "Something Borrowed." There is also a book, which I read a few years ago. So when I saw the previews I knew I wanted to see it. When we got inside I was so tempted to get some popcorn.. I know its way over-priced and bad for you, but it was calling to me! I almost didnt get any but Erika suggested we share the small size, so it wasnt that bad ;) The movie was pretty good, funny at times, serious at times, and even downright awkward at times. I would probably give it 3 out of 5 stars. Since it was a few years since id read the book, I dont remember how well it followed the book, but thats just as well, because usually the movie disappoints after reading a good book! The ending looked like they would do a sequel, which is good, because there were more books in the series. The movie theater was packed with women, and a few men. I knew Arnold was glad he didnt have to be dragged along to a chick flick. Although he had admitted that he wouldnt mind seeing "Bridesmaids" sometime! That movie looks hilarious. That would have been my top pick for GNO but it didnt come out yet.

After the movies we headed to Applebees for dinner. Kathryn had to go home early, to take care of her son.. so we missed her. We didnt get there till nearly 1opm and its so dang pitiful that I felt strange being out so "late".. especially with friends and not my family. We all sat around talking, and everyone else there was drinking or just laughing and having a good time, and we all seemed pretty tired. haha! Oh what my life has become! ;) The popcorn hadnt done anything to my appetite at all, I ordered a chicken fajita rollup and fries.. I felt like such a pig that night!!! But it was so good. We didnt eat till nearly 10:30, that was wild. Arnold is so used to eating early, so he never would have gone for that. But i didnt mind ;)

I had a GREAT time. It was so fun to get out for awhile and relax. I always instantly feel happy when in the company of good friends! :)

This is the only pic we got!! Can you believe it? Dummy me forgot to take any at the theaters. Wish I would have.

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