Friday, May 6, 2011

Early Mothers' Day Gift!!

Yesterday Arnold came home from work and he was holding a giftbag, and smiling. I almost instantly realized that he had gone to get me a mothers day gift after work and he seemed proud that I had had no clue :P He made me go into another room while he wrote in the cards, and then when I came out he gave me the bag right away. We are the worst when it comes to keeping surprises from each other, or waiting on things. We almost always give the gifts early. I even told him to wait.. but he insisted.

I told him he shouldnt have done that, hes already done so much for me, including watching the kids while I go have a Girls' night tonight w/ a bunch of friends. That more than enough for me! But he said it was from the kids ;) They gave me the bag and were begging me to open it. They even started ripping into my cards.. but Im used to stuff like that by now! The bag was even green, my favorite color.. how thoughtful :)

Anyway.. he got me my first pair of Rainbows!!! Yes, I know, I am WAY behind the times!! everyone I knew wore them back in highschool.. I guess I just never cared that much. Ive thought about getting a pair a few times, but I am pretty cheap when it comes to buying myself things, so i never bought some. Thats why Arnold said he got them.. is because it was something "id never buy for myself!" They are tan, and I like that because they can go with just about anything! The guy at the store told him that they only went up to 9 1/2 in women's sizes. and a lot of women actually get men's sizes because of shoe size or that they are too narrow, etc. I tried them on and they seemed ok.. even though I wear a size 10 normally. I wore them out last night, and it did take some getting used to them, but I really think I will like them. He even got me the double-layer kind which is supposed to hold up better and be better on your feet. We will see-- I am usually HARD on shoes!!!

Good job Honey!!! (i mean Kids!!) Love you all!!!! :)

The kids look excited.. Rachel looks like she has to pee :P

The kids got me a cute card, and Brooke even signed it

The rainbows!!!

They ARE a little narrow, but I think it will be ok. :)

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