Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saturday of Shopping!!

Saturday morning I got up EARLY to go to a consignment sale. I met my friend Jess up there around 7:15 and we went together. I was kindof disappointed, as we paid $$$ to get in early, and there wasnt much there, IMO. At least not of things I needed. I did find caleb a few pairs of shorts though, which he really needed and you cant beat the prices. I was really hoping to find some good toys though! After that Jess had to go home.. so I ventured out alone. I was supposed to go w/ a few friends yardsaling, but plans changed so I went alone. I stopped by a friends' yardsale first, and found the kids a few books. Then I went to the 7-mile yardsale, it this really long street just an exit up from my house that puts together this thing 2 times a year where everyone on that street and the streets right off it can participate and TONS of people come out for it. It wasnt as fun riding around without any friends, so I just stopped at a few of them. I think overall I spent $7-$8 dollars that morning.. Well at least Arnold was happy! ;)

Later on I met Lauryn at Backyard burger and we had lunch. We had planned on going shopping.. I told Arnold for Mothers Day I really wanted to get me some new clothes. So we went to Kohls and looked around. I found a pair of capris, and 2 tops, a new necklace, earrings, and some sandals. They were having pretty good sales going on, and I also earned a Kohls cash to earn use later, so not bad at all! I had seperated cash out into little baggies after we cashed the bonus.. some for bills, some for home improvement, gifts, etc, and one of the baggies I had marked for "Abbys clothes".. Lauryn told me I looked like I had my drug money with me.. haha ;) I did NOT spend all the money in my bag, so I was proud of myself. Thankful for a good and honest friend who was with me in the dressing room while I tried on clothes, and helped me pick out what I wanted to buy.. and very quickly I might add! As a kid i always HATED trying on clothes... and it hasnt gotten much easier to this day. Especially after having kids.. bright dressing room lights and full-length mirrors are the devil!!

Anyway, after that we went to the mall and walked around for awhile. I feel like I am always there lately.. there is just nothing where we live, it is pitiful!! What I REALLY needed to be looking for was new bras, but if theres anything I hate more than trying on clothes its THEM. I have the worst time finding ones that fit right. Everywhere I went its like they were mocking me.. but we wont get into that. Then lastly we went to Sam's.. and no I dont have a Sam's club membership, but I probably should get one considering all the deals I found just while in there. I didnt mean to buy anything but I found a 4-pack of the cups Rachel likes, and a HUGE pack of fruit snacks, that should last the kids (and Arnold) for awhile. We also looked at wedding rings, because I am in the department for a new one. I am wearing Arnold's mom's currently because we got married so quickly.. long story.. BUT he has promised he would get me my very own someday.. and I am on the search for my dream ring! ;)

And if any of you are wondering how I got to go out so much that day and have time to myself with 3 little ones at home.. my answer is: AWESOME HUSBAND. He has seen what its like to deal w/ the 3 under 5, and he doesnt mind me having breaks every once in awhile. He knows that more than ANYTHING for Mothers Day Id rather have some alone/shopping time than an actual gift! And if that sounds bad.. you must not be a mother yet ;)

With one of my new outfits I got while shopping w/ Lauryn. Rachel just had to jump in the pic and see what was going on ;) I like that I found a cute necklace to match the top!!

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  1. I had so much fun that day !!! Even if you where using "drug Money" LOL