Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunday & Monday

Saturday night I had a lot of gallbladder issues and stayed in bed most of the evening.. it was a rough night. So Sunday morning I still wasnt feeling too well and took an 800mg Ibprofen, and they sometimes make me sleepy, so I passed out on the recliner and slept late... so we didnt end up making it to church that day. I felt really bad, but I think I needed the sleep.

A little later I was feeling somewhat better and so we packed the kids up and went to lunch at Ocharleys. We were able to beat the lunch rush, so It wasnt too bad. I love their Sunday brunch, and got some pancakes. After that Arnold took the kids in Target to pick up some babywipes, and I went into Old Navy real quick because I had found a 50% off One Item coupon for that weekend, and wanted to get something. I found a really cute top for me that had a heart American flag and Hello Kitty on it.. that will be good for Memorial Day and 4th of July ;) Then I met back up with Arnold and the kids.. Arnold had gone by the cafe and gotten them icecream bars and it was alll over their faces. Then when going through the checkout line, Rachel dropped her's.. of course. I knew that was a mistake when I saw it! And cried the whole way out of the store b/c she had lost her icecream :(

Monday was my usual "Big cleaning day" of the week, so we stayed in and got some things gone around here. That afternoon when Arnold got home from work he took the kids with him to the gym while I went grocery shopping. It was the first time I took a bunch of coupons with me. We live right at a Food Lion, so thats where we always go. Unfortunately, they never double or triple coupons, or anything special like that.. so I can only get so much savings. I am not used to it so I found my head spinning after awhile but I did use a few of them. I think I saved $18 overall, which isnt bad. I got some good things... including a $1 off 2 boxes of cereal, and they were already buy one, get one free.. so I got each box for $1.50 I think. And I got to try the new Cinnamon cheerios that I had been wanting to try for awhile now.. they are thumbs up.. even the kids think so :)

A little later I went out to Target to use some more coupons. Found a few more deals.. although most were just small savings. I did find 2-pack Oldspice products on clearane for $3.40 and then used a $1 off 2 products and got the 2 pack for $2.40 which is really good for that brand, so I was excited. I think i saved $12 w/ just coupons, and I didnt buy that much at all. Any money saving is good to me.. I dont do the "extreme" stuff.. I just dont have the energy or patience!! While i was out I also got 3 baby gifts.. I swear something is in the water!!! I have 2 baby showers THIS weekend to go to, and another 2 girls I know are having babies too, all within the month. Its craziness.. makes me have baby fever bad but of course nothing will ever come of that.. so I guess Ill just have to cuddle their sweet babies! :) Anyway... On the way home I got one of those Pina Colada freeze drinks from Taco Bell.. they are soo good. I discovered them when pregnant with Rachel.. and then they didnt come back the next summer and I was sad.. but for some reason they decided to bring them back this year and boy am I glad!!! ;)

Brooke and Caleb have grown soo much. I cant get over how big they are! Brooke is wearing one of the Kmart deals I wrote about before.. the hat ;) She loves that hat.

And here is my newly made up coupon binder!! Thanks again to my sister-in-law for getting me the stuff! Yes I am one of THOSE people. Although I dont drag that whole binder with me everywhere, it embarasses me. I know it shouldnt.. but like i said, Im not at "that point" yet where I really take it seriously. I do however like all the coupons organized, so I can see quickly which ones i DO want to grab. I have them organized by category b/c thats easier for me. Notice how a few of them are upside down.. haha. not the best organization, but pretty good for me!

I cant get over that Brooke had to wear long sleeves to school on Monday!! In may?! It shouldnt be like that!! What is up with this weather lately?? I guess it beats 90-100 degree weather, but its still strange. This outfit is actually one she was changed into that day, they told me she spilled grape juice allll over her clothes at breakfast that morning...

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