Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo!!

So yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, and in tradition, we decided to go out to eat Mexican that night. I LOVE mexican food.. all of it. Especially chicken fajitas.. Lauryn got me hooked on those ;)

We drove out to a few of our favorite mexican restaurants, but they were all JAM PACKED.. I shouldnt have been surprised. So we drove to Taco Bell, and thats where we ate, haha. The kids have come to like Mexican food, too.. I am lucky that they arent that picky at all!!

After that we went to Walmart to pick up some dogfood and hairspray. I also wanted to get something for the last day of Teacher Appreciation week, but I had already done alot, so I decided not to. I may just send the teachers flowers at the end of the year, as another thank you.

At Taco Bell

Such a big burrito for such a little girl :) She didnt finish it.. but Arnold did :)

Wearing the sombrero I got in Cancun back when I went right after graduation highschool.

Just being silly.. when am I not?!

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