Sunday, May 15, 2011

Arnold's Work's Family Day

Saturday Arnold's work had a "Family Day." They have moved into a new building this year, and wanted all the families of the people who work there to be able to come out and tour the facility if they wanted, and have some fun things for the kids to do, and of course, some good food! With it raining that morning I was getting really nervous about it being cancelled, but they had a very surprising turnout actually, and the rain went away and the sky cleared!!

They had food catered from some BBQ place, and it was very yummy! They also had a big cake, made into the shape of a "Connector" (the company works with Fiber Optics) Yeah they are a bunch of nerds, but they cake was yummy too! ;) Anyway, after we ate we went to all the kid activities. Brooke went to get her face painted, and got Blues Clues. Caleb got his hand done instead, and got a spider. And Rachel got blues clues on her hand.. but it was pretty much smeared off within 2 minutes ;) Then they waited in line for the balloon lady, and Brooke and her cousin Bekah got butterflies, and Caleb got a Spiderman. The balloon lady is local, and i have seen her a few times.. might even consider having her at one of the kids' bday parties in the future. Then the kids played some games, and went down the huge bounce house they had set up. Thankfully the sun had dried it out some before my kids got to it, because I saw some kids walking by with soaked clothes!

All the while this was going on, they had a dunking booth set up, and different people who worked there had volunteered to set in there for 10 minute intervals. Arnold especially enjoyed watching his boss get dunked several times. I personally saw WAY too much of his backside.. but I digress (I know he is not online or else I would have never written that ;) Not like it was a BAD thing.. I am just stating that I would never do that! The clothes really cling to you and you dont know what people may see!!!! Haha.

We didnt go on the tour.. I actually have seen the building several times, since I take the kids once a week to go have lunch with Arnold. But all in all it was a great time, and it was nice to put the faces with the names.. because Arnold talks about these people all the time, but I dont always know who they are.. I know SOME.. but he works with a lot of people!!

Enjoying lunch

Calebs Spider

Cousins with their Butterflies

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