Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love for Teachers!!

Brooke with her main Teacher, Mrs. Corpening. I wish I had a pic of her and Mrs. Sullivan too, Ill have to get one before the end of the year!

So this week has been teacher appreciation week at Brooke's school. The school sent home a list of suggestions, of what to send in. I know some people find that tacky-- but they arent saying you HAVE to send stuff in.. some people just need a little guidance, and I was one of those! So the list was as follows..

Monday- Card Day

Tuesday- Giftcard Day

Wednesday- Book Day

Thursday- School Supply Day

Friday- Sweets/Goodies Day

Monday I sent in cards and I wrote in them and Brooke signed them and drew smileys :) Tuesday I sent one teacher a B&N giftcard and the other a Target GC, and today I sent in a neat book I found that I "donated" to the classroom, I think it was called "Our World." Tomorrow is school supply day, and I have no clue what to do for that yet?? And Friday is "sweets" day. I know I could easily make a batch of cookies, throw them on a cute plate, and send them in, but everyone knows Im not a good cook-- or else I dont have the confidence! Would it be horrible to just BUY something and slap it on a plate? I wouldnt even pretend I made it!! Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Arnold drops brooke off at school every day on his way in to work, so he got to be with Brooke when she gave them the gifts this week. He told me that today the teacher was practically misty-eyed and thanking them. She said it feels good to be appreciated, and that we have given them some of the sweetest gifts. Hearing that made me feel REALLY good.. but I kindof hate I missed the moment! I do all the work and Arnold gets the credit.. isnt that how it always is?! ;) Haha. Another example-- I am pregnant for 9 months, with all 3 kids, and endure the sickness, fatique, cravings, weight gain, stretch marks, etc.. and the kids all end up looking like HIM! Ah, but I digress :)

Anyway, at first I had wondered how I would do something for them every day this week and not go broke, but I was able to do it. The book I found was a NICE hardback book, found at Ollie's for $3.99! If you havent been yet, you should go, at least to check out the kids' books. They have a lot, and all great prices. I even found the kids "Llama, Llama, Mad at Mama" the other day for $3.99. It was the final book to make the collection, so of course I grabbed that bad boy up!

I am extremely appreciative and thankful for Brooke's teachers, and all that they do for her, and for her classmates. I couldnt have asked for better teachers for her. One is the sweet, laid-back type, and one is the stricter, "germaphobe" type, and together they make a great pair. Brooke speaks very fondly of them, often! They have been very kind and thoughful throughout the year, especially as we were going through all that stress w/ Brookes diagnosis of epilepsy. And they put up with EIGHTEEN kids every day.. including mine.. GOD BLESS THEM!!! :)

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