Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Deals this Week

Saturday morning we all got up and decided to go to a few yardsales. On the way out, it started to drizzle, so I was really worried that the morning was shot and we'd need to go home. But it was a light rain, so we went out anyway. There was this really big neighborhood sale where one of my friends' lives, so we went there first. We went by her house and let me just tell you.. it was the GOLD MINE for anyone having a girl!! her daughter has so many (and so many CUTE) clothes. Too bad they were all too little for Rachel or I could have gone crazy! Rachel did find a few toys there though ;) We went to a few more, and at the last on we went to, Caleb found a big transformer truck/robot for 50cents (once again w/ the good finds on toys for him!!) and 2 movies for the kids for 75 cents each (Princess movie, and The Magic Schoolbus-- anyone remember that?!) And Rachel picked up a "Boots" toy from the Dora the Explorer show, so we let her get that, too.

The rain was picking up a bit by then, so we decided just to go to Kmart to pass some time until we had to be at Arnold's work thing. When we got there we saw my dad walking in.. or at least we thought it was him (him and mom live really close, and he refuses to go to Walmart ;) Anyway, we walked around for awhile and then ran into him.. so the kids were just thrilled to get to see their Pop Pop! I saw a big clearance section they had recently put out, and they said that for that day only, they were doing an additional 40% off the stuff. So I started looking through.. I found a bathrug, a huge Star Wars coloring set, 2 hats for Brooke, some easter candy, a few kid dishes, a few kid shirts, a shirt for me, and a Toy Story lunchbox, that I figured I could save for Caleb for next year when he goes to school.

Now.. I am new at the couponing thing, where I take a big pile and go to the grocery store and come out with a huge savings.. I am still learning, and frankly I dont know If Ill EVER get that good.. Im not even stressing about it.. as long as I save SOME money. But let me tell you.. sometimes I just am in the right place at the right time and score some awesome deals anyway, and that was yesterday at Kmart. So after the savings, heres what I got everything for:

2 hats for Brooke- $1.70 each
2 bags of hershey kisses- $87 cents each
Star Wars Big Coloring set- $2.40
Shirt for me- $2.99
Shirts for kids- $2.99
Kids' Plates- $.90cents each
Bathroom Rug- $2.40

And the Toy Story lunch box rang up 1 cent! Yes, 1 cent. The register told the girl she couldnt sell it for that, and she asked someone and they said just put in $1. So.. I got a brand new Toy Story lunch box for Caleb, for $1!! Cant beat that. I may not be good at the Grocery Store deals yet, but I was pretty proud of myself ;) Arnold laughs at me rumaging through clearance sections, but it was worth it this time around!! :)

I am still working on learning the whole coupon thing. As a matter of fact, Ive gotten the coupons from the last 3 newspapers, and have started organizing and have them laid out to put in my big binder. Thanks again to my awesome Sister-in-law for getting me the binder w/ the clear organizers inside!!! :)

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