Friday, May 27, 2011

Gallbladder Surgery & Some Explanation

Just a quick update for anyone wondering what Ive been talking about on FB lately.

I have been getting sick and having pains since last Nov. and after several dr appts and tests they say its my gallbladder. I didnt show any stones or sludge, but they said where my pain is, and how long it has lasted.. its almost certainly that. I also am a woman whos had several children, and they say this is a big risk-factor for problems.

Sooo, after several months of suffering, and lots of praying, I decided to go ahead and schedule the surgery to get it out (which they were suggesting I do all along) And it has been scheduled for June 23rd, at 7:30 am. I have a pre-op appt the day before, to go over everything, pick up a special soap to shower with the night before, and see what they are going to do to keep me safe during and afterwards, since I am high-risk for surgery now (chance of recurring bloodclots). I have decided to do it at a local hospital, which I didnt want to do before, since I have the horrible memories from around here back in 2009, but I realied that is the DR that matters, not the hospital, and I was lucky enough to find a dr in the area that I really like and trust, so I am going with him.

Thankfully my mom has an extra vacation day, and she is going to be available to watch the kids on Thursday while Arnold takes me in for the surgery. Then I have the whole weekend to recover while I have help from her, and Arnold, since they will be off of work. I also have a few great friends who have offered to do whatever to help, I feel very blessed!!

I know a lot of people wonder why Ive been so nervous over this surgery since its so routine and soo many are done these days and its "nothing." The reason I am so worried is because of my past. Most of you know just what I went through back in 2009 and what I went through physically and mentally, and to be back on an operating table again I know will bring up some issues for me. Plus, I have never been "put under" before, so I dont know how Ill react to that.. I hear some people dont react well to the meds. But I know I cant suffer anymore, I need to be there for my kids and husband, so its about time I get it done. Some days Ive gotten so sick I was in bed most of the day. The dr did tell me he cant promise that this surgery will magically take away my problems, but if its like everyone else has told me, I will be relieved and wonder why I didnt have it done already.

So i am just trusting in God right now, that he will get me through this. I am not so much worried about the pain of recovering, but the risk of bloodclots again, and how Ill react to being in a hospital again, and waking up after the surgery, etc. Ever since my anxiety has flared up lately, I dont know how Ill react, but like Arnold pointed out.. they will have plenty of drugs at hand if I do happen to have a panic attack. And let me take a moment to say to everyone who has never dealt with anxiety or other mental issues before-- this stuff is an illness just like anything else. It is not "imagined" or "done for attention" and I am not a "hypochondriac" or "overly-dramatic" like some might think.. I seriously just cant put a hault on my emotions sometimes, and its too overwhelming for me.

So THANK YOU for being patient for me lately.. I havent tried to be whiny and negative on facebook, and hopefully soon my negative statuses will subside. Thank you to all the family and friends who have been by my side to listen (they sure have gotten an earful lately!) and supported me through this. I love you all! And prayers for an un-eventful surgery, peace of mind, and a quick recovery are greatly appreciated!!!

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