Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1st Day of Summer Vacation

Yesterday was the first official day of Summer break!! I have been somewhat excited, and somewhat dreading it, because I know when all 3 kids get together they can be rowdy, chaotic, and fight. It went a lot better than I thought. They DID get up at 7:15 though.. no matter what day, even if its a weekend or a school break, they are always up at the same time! Arnold is having to work weird hours this week so he got up at 5:30 am to go into work, and thank goodness that didnt wake the kids up!

We went outside and played for awhile. The kids got out a bunch of sidewalk chalk and drew all over the carport and driveway. Later i discovered a big, blue mark down the side of the van, so obviously they were drawing places where they werent supposed to!! They are sneaky, because I didnt see it then! Then we moved onto playing in the yard some, and while they played I started a new book.. called "Wife in the Fast Lane." Its ok, but its been hard to get into.

Later that afternoon my Father-in-law texted me and said "lets go swimming", and by then it was almost 2pm and thats when the kids usually nap but I figured what the heck because I know they love spending time with their paw. But I think he figured I was going with him too, so I got myself ready and Rachel, too. She got to wear her new zebra striped bathing suit and matching sandals she got for her bday and she looked sooo cute. No I didnt get a pic of her in that either.. Im afraid im not going to get many pics of her these days because she cries and runs away from the camera.. haha. So we went next door to the pool, and Uncle Gene and Peyton came over and swam, too. The kids all had a great time. Rachel still prefers to sit on one of the steps and splash her feet around, but she has fun! :) Around 3:30 we finally went home and by then there was no point in them taking a nap since it was so late in the afternoon, so we just hung around until Arnold got home from work and had some snacks.

Last night we took the kids to VBS that Malachi's parents were heading. It is a "chef" and "cooking" theme and seems really cute. Brooke was sooo thrilled to see Malachi. They have only been out of school for a few days but she has been missing him like crazy! ;) We dropped Brooke and Caleb off and took Rachel with us.. we figured she wouldnt do too well staying there and paying attention, etc. We drove to his little place near our house and got some icecream.. chocolate chip for me and cherry vanilla for Arnold.. Rachel really seemed to like Arnold's! Then we went grocery shopping.. it is a LOT calmer to do it without all 3 kids. Tonight with the extra time we might actually go look for Rachels bday gift, which we STILL havent gotten yet, but should come as no surprise.. yall know how much I procrastinate!!! :)

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