Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Monday morning we went to Joanne's house for a playdate. I am really loving all these playdates lately, because it give the kids (and me!) something to do, and the kids really work out alot of their energy, and may even nap better later ;) There were several kids there, including a lot of older boys, so it was WILD in there. I felt bad for Joanne at one point, she was brave! I kept cringing because I was afraid something would get broken or someone would get hurt. At one point the fish food was knocked into the tank, and there is a slight possibility it was Rachel who did it so.. Sorry Joanne! haha. I enjoyed getting to cuddle baby Ben, he was all smily for me the whole time :) :) We had lunch of pizza and chicken nuggets, and the kids sucked down juice packs that they love so much. Then we had icecream.. best part!! I somehow ended up scooping it out for all the kids, and they were all lined up staring at me as if to say "HURRY UP" ha. Then we poured on all the yummy toppings (sprinkles for most of the kids!) And after that sugar rush you can guess how the rest of the playdate went ;) But at least they had fun!!

Since I knew I wouldnt be taking the kids to their weekly playdate at the mall, we decided to take them to the mall for dinner and to play when Arnold got home from work. We went to eat at Chick fil A and Caleb was just so upset that the cow wasnt there.. he thought he was supposed to be there everytime!!! Then we went downstairs to the play area and let them run wild. I ran off to Gymboree to look around for a few minutes to catch a quick break alone.. any time alone is sacred!! Then I came back to find Caleb seated beside a young mom and playing with all the "boy toys" her sons had brought. Obviously he thought they had awesome toys.. but I wish he would have been more interested in playing with THEM and not their toys! I really hope preschool really brings him out more socially this coming year. Hes still somewhat of a loner and a follower.. but I cant say much, because Ive always been shy, too. Hes probably most like me of the kids, personality-wise!!

That night I sat by myself on the laptop all evening as Arnold laid beside me snoring!! He has been going to bed pretty early these days, thanks to his new job schedule, which is making him extra tired! I am soo not used to this, though, because he is my night owl, and usually he is the one putting ME to bed. I like the extra quiet time at night though ;)

Cuddling baby Ben

Rachel having a good time!

Erika and I hanging out

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