Saturday, June 18, 2011


Friday morning Joanne came over with Ben. We had originally talked about going swimming that morning with all the kids, but plans fell through, so she just came on over anyway and we got to hang out and chat for awhile. Rachel loved getting to see "baby Ben" and even wanted to climb into his carseat a few times.. I think she was regressing bac ;) After she left I let the kids play outside for awhile. Rachel is always begging me to "GO SWING MOMMY!!!" After awhile, I noticed Calebs shorts were wet, and he went inside to take them off and left a trail of (you guessed it!) poop throughout the house. I am just downright tired of this potty-training mess with him!!

I ended up ordering two new books off Ebay that I am excited to read. The first one is part of a 4-book series, and this is the 3rd one. The other 2 were great so I cant wait to read this one when it gets here. The other one just came highly recommended, so I decided to check that out too!! I love to read any and everything really, so Im sure I'll enjoy it.

Arnold called me that afternoon from work and said that he had gotten a "patent" on something. Its hard for me to explain, but of course its a very good thing!! All his help and ideas, and contributions with that certain thing helped the company out, so his name is on it too. And along with that came a nice check, which he WASNT expecting, so that was such a nice surprise. He is such a hardworking guy, and works hard for our family so I can be a Stay-at-Home-Mom. And the only word to describe how I felt from his phone call was...

I got another call that afternoon from our Family Doctor. Which i had no idea what was going on there. The nurse was like "Oh.. i was expecting to get in contact with Arnold." Yeah.. well.. you got his crazy cooky wife instead, sorry!!! (Sidenote-- with all the anxiety and other medical issues I went thru the past 2 years, lets just say they got to know me verrrry well at that Dr office. Probably two well. They ALL know be by name, even though I was a new patient at the time. Heck, I even think some of my trips and meds paid for the Drs' latest vaction ;) But anyway...) They told me to have him call them back to discuss his labwork he had done at his yearly physical last week. I was a little worried (oh who am I kidding, its ME-- a LOT worried) because they usually just send him a paper in the mail. Well turns out his cholesterol was high.. in a risky range, and they wanted him to start taking a prescription. So now he is on Lipitor.. that crazy medicine that you always see in the commericals. They said lifestyle change probably wasnt enough.. but that he could definately try some changes. I hate he has to go on this.. I hope he doesnt have to take it for the rest of his life. But we're doing what we have to do to try and get him healthier, he needs to be here a long, long time!! Oh, and now we have a new $20 monthly medical bill.. the folks at CVS really love us!!!!

The kids had been going to VBS all week with Malachi, and last night was the closing night. They had the last night of their program and invited the families to a cookout afterwards. We all went downstairs and had hotdogs, chips, and icecream. The kids were WILD after they had their icecream.. running laps around and on a few occasions had some accidents (including a smashed icecream bowl on the floor, and Caleb getting hurt from running into Malachi) But they all had a great time. Tomorrow we are going to that church, so the kids can be part of the program and sing/dance to the songs they learned this week.

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