Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rachel Then & Now!!

Well today is the day.. that day I have somewhat been dreading for the past few weeks or so because I knew that my last baby will not be a "baby" anymore!!

Happy Birthday Rachel Louise!!! You are 2 years old today.

Wanted to do a "then and now" post about how much you have changed.

Rachel on the day she was born. 6-18-2009. 8lbs, 30zs and 19 inches long (our shortest baby of them all, but biggest!) 2:05 in the afternoon. She was born a week early, by csection, because she was breech. She was in such a strange position that they couldnt get her turned around (and believe me, they tried!!)

And here she is today, my big 2 year old. Nearly 30 lbs! In Size 3t Clothing. Loves running around, dancing, playing games, swinging on the swings, being pulled in the wagon by daddy, bossing her big siblings around, and being read to. She carries her stuffed Monkey around with her everywhere, and has to sleep with him, too. One of her favorite foods of all time is Mac & cheese and will eat it by the handfull, and any kind of fruit! She is the entertainer of the family, and is always cracking us up. Saying LOTS of new words every day, and is so smart. No interest in the potty yet, but we know she will get their eventually. We LOVE YOU Rachel!!! :) :) :)

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